Tele-Immersion: Collaborative Virtual Environments

Maxine Brown
EVL, NCSA, and Argonne National Laboratory are jointly involved in "Tele-Immersion" research; i.e., collaborative virtual reality (VR) over networks. Our goal is to extend the "human/computer interaction" paradigm to "human/computer/human collaboration," with the computer providing real-time data in shared, collaborative environments, to enable computational science and engineering researchers to interact with each other (the "tele-conferencing" paradigm) as well as their computational models, over distance. This session will give an overview of the work these groups are doing to provide easy access to integrated heterogeneous distributed computing environments, whether supercomputers, remote instrumentation, networks, or mass storage devices using advanced real-time 3D immersive interfaces.

Computational Structural Mechanics and Shock Analysis Visualization

David Paul
The application of Simulation Based Design (SBD) for better, faster, cheaper weapon systems life-cycle development, utilizing COTS software applications.
The video depicts the verification of the modeling and simulation process to actual "live fire" underwater explosion (UNDEX) test data results. Utilization of Finite Element Methods (FEM) analysis and land-based shock machines have duplicated empirical results from UNDEX experiments.
The creation of a "virtual prototype" in a 3D solid model for computer-based analysis was used to identify required design modifications and predict effectiveness of improvements which led to a reduced cost replication of "live fire" testing to confirm the analysis results.

Web Based Tool for Visualizating Supercomputer Results

Nancy Rowe
The World Wide Web has become a familiar interface for many computer users. By developing a Web based interface for running animations and displaying results we have created an environment that allows scientists to view results of their data without having to learn a new visualization tool.

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