Joint SGI/CRI Operating Systems Direction

Gabriel Broner and Chris Wagner
With the Scalable Node family of products, the Cray and SGI family of hardware products will converge. At the same time we will see convergence between the Cray and SGI Operating Systems.

The new Operating System, Cellular IRIX, is being developed jointly by Eagan and Mountain View, and it will support the combined SGI/CRI product line. The source base will be IRIX, while features and expertise will come from IRIX, UNICOS, and UNICOS/mk.

Cellular IRIX will support large Scalable Node machines with Single System Image, Performance, Scalability, and Fault Containment. Supercomputer features of the new system will include enhancements for I/O, Scheduling, Accounting, Checkpoint/Restart, Security, NQS, Tapes, and Data Migration. Cellular IRIX will also provide the UNICOS and UNICOS/mk APIs to allow for simple migration of existing PVP and MPP applications.

Cray Origin 2000 System Support and Infrastructure for ProgEnv and OS

Sylvia Crain and Laura Mikrut
Providing support for an unfamiliar operating system (IRIX) and development environment has raised some interesting questions. This presentation will discuss the software support strategy for the Cray Origin 2000 systems, problem resolution and the turnaround that Cray customers can expect, support of IRIX on other systems, as well as other issues. The presentation will cover both the Operating System and Programming Environment.

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