Experiences Tuning a J90 for Engineering Analysis: A Case Study

Sharan Kalwani
Very often a J90 comes in a pre-configured mode, which invariably needs to be changed to suit a site's specific needs. This paper documents a list of configuration and tuning adjustments made to a typical J90, in order to meet the requirements of running engineering applications. The major changes were in the areas of filesystems in a swap, and kernel configuration. In addition, a number of other changes were made to enhance the performance and accommodate the huge memory demands of engineering codes on a small J90.

Experiences Operating a Cluster of Two J90s Using NQE 3.1

Eric Lebeau
This paper deals with our experiences at Renault operating a cluster of two J90s with NQE 3.1, using the new NQE database and scheduler. This experience has already started, and we are one of the first sites to be able to report on this product and give feedback to CRI.

J90 SuperCluster - A Progress Report

Bruno Loepfe, Svend Knudsen, and Rudy Wilopo
CRI and ETHZ have reached an agreement to jointly implement a cluster. The project SuperCLuster Development/Operation is part of the agreement. A SuperCLuster should give the user a single system view and provide extra value beyond just providing the computing capacity. This talk will present the objectives of this project, the main components of the cluster and its implementation. First experiences with implemented components, its potential, and shortcomings will also be part of the presentation. At the end a wish list will be given.

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