Mass Storage Systems

Mass Storage at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

Phil Andrews
The Achival system at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing has been altered to use several hybrid systems, including IBM Magstar drives in an STK silo and DFS on top of the DMF file systems.

Future Tape Support in the SGI/Cray Environment

Neil Bannister, William E. Kennedy and Laraine MacKenzie
Customers find tape support on Cray Research machines a critical software component. For several years, customers have been asking Cray to share those devices across mainframes. With the SGI-Cray merger, an opportunity now exists for GigaRing customers to share tape devices across many mainframes. This talk will describe new goals for future tape support in an SGI-Cray environment.

Implementing Network Attached Storage

Ken Fallon and Bill Bullers
The Network Peripheral Adapter, NPA, is an intelligent controller and optimized file server that enables network attached processors to unlock the potential of distributed data access while enjoying the benefits of centralized management and control. Optimized for high-performance and peer-level storage, the NPA is capable of linking virtually any workstation, high-performance computer and/or network with any type of storage device. A wide range of personality modules ensures that the NPA provides the optimum set of storage services. The NPA is embodied by the Distributed Storage Node Architecture, DSNA. The initial solution will target SGI systems with a follow on for legacy Cray computer support.

DMF Development Update

Tom Lanzatella
This presentation reviews DMF 2.5 content and early results with new database technology. Also covered is progress toward DMF 2.6 for the IRIX platform.

HPSS and High Accessibility Network Storage at SDSC

Joseph E. Lopez
Historically, storage has been peripheral to computer systems. Today, most of the technology required to create the ideal network storage environment exists. SDSC has taken advantage of this technology by implementing a high accessibility network storage architecture utilizing Cray's ND-30 high performance RAID storage and HPSS. As a result, this paper will cover the plans and challenge the storage staff at SDSC is undertaking for producing highly accessible storage in a heterogeneous environment.

Advanced HYPERtape Usage for Network Backup at the University of Kiel

Uwe Olias
The University of Kiel continues to improve her HYPERtape usage for network backup with a UNICOS server by accomplishing a bundle of security strategies relying upon UNIX features, HYPERtape features and organizational steps. This talk will describe the current situation with our strategies and give a perspective for future enhanced possibilities. The talk will be completed with the actual performance tables and statistical evaluation.

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