Gigabit Ethernet

Bernard Daines
Bernard Daines, a pioneer in LAN technology, will discuss and explain ways in which Gigabit Ethernet will alleviate strangled computer networks. Delivering data streams at the rate of 1000 megabits per second, Gigabit Ethernet is the solution to diminishing bandwidth, replacing FDDI and the need to implement ATM. Early installations are anticipated to relieve burdened backbones, but Gigabit Ethernet will eventually be demanded at the desktop level. Daines will provide information about this new technology and about products expected on the market in 1997.

Lessons Learned from the National Research and Education Network

James D. McCabe
The National Research and Education Network is a nation-wide ATM testbed that interconnects five NASA centers at OC-3c (155 megabits per second). This talk describes some of the experiences that NAS has had in providing ATM services to users, including configurations, problems, interactions with ATM service vendors, and where high-performance WAN interconnects are headed in the future.

SGI/Cray Networking Futures: GigaRing network Performance

Gary Klesk
Panel discussion on networking issues in merging the two companies.
The GigaRing Network Performance presentation will cover the current performance of the supported network interfaces, Ethernet, FDDI, ATM and HIPPI on GigaRing based systems. T3E, J90 and T90. It will also outline near term and long term plans for GigaRing network interfaces.

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