A Look at SGI Products and Services Through Metrics

Bulent Dervisoglu
Dr. Dervisoglu is Director, Metrics and Customer Satisfaction. This presentation will give an overview of the metrics focus within SGI/Cray Research and will share the results of an external benchmarking survey on customer satisfaction that focuses on SGI products/services. Next, methodology and some specific data on product reliability and service delivery statistics for high-end SGI and Cray products shall be shared and discussed. Finally, results of metrics gathered through an independent CUG survey shall be compared with similar data gathered by SGI and discussion shall be held to investigate and help understand any discrepancies.

J932 Job Scheduling

R. G. Evans, G.T. Folkes, and M. Armstrong
We have described at previous CUGs our siteís need for near real time scheduling to satisfy the needs of users who need a significant fraction of the total resources of our J932. The scheduling that we have developed is extremely popular with users and currently implements queues for four, eight and sixteen processors with users jobs exploiting both autotasking and message passing. Problems have been minimal and include the need to load Unicos real time processes in low memory and the burgeoning number of job classes to be included in NQS complexes.

CUG Host Site Report: Automation Tools and Procedures at NASA AMES

Chris Kleiber
This talk describes two tools developed at Ames to ensure 100% availability and system integrity of multiple architectures for 2200 users nationwide. The Centralized Test Management System (CTMS) enhances our ability to proactively monitor multiple architectures included in our heterogeneous environment. The Login Account Maintenance System (LAMS) enables us to maintain 7000 accounts both locally and remotely. These tools have assisted in providing a broad spectrum of unique services in support of clients utilizing production and testbed systems.

A Technology Update

Stan Pieterick
The disk drive industry continues to evolve. Major technology advances and a strong competitive environment have changed what products are offered and how long they are available. An overview of industry changes and how they impact SGI/Cray Research products will be presented.

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