User Services

A User Friendly HTML Based Interface to Access NQE/NQS Facilities

Sergio Bernardi
An HTML based interface to NQE has been written to grant access to our Cray systems. The interface is aimed at those users who do not have access to NQE client systems and work on PC based workstations. The interface provides a user friendly, form based environment that allows users to create, submit and control batch jobs. The user can then transfer job outputs from the Cray home directory to the local system or delete them. Access to the interface is controlled by a one-time password mechanism.

Migrating Users to the Cray T3E from the T3D and Intel Paragon

Jay Boisseau, Ken Steube, and Max Pazirandeh
SDSC's Cray T3D and Intel Paragon users were granted access to SDSCís Cray T3E in January 1997. In this paper we describe the issues involved in migrating all users from the T3D and Paragon to the T3E in just a few months. In particular we discuss techniques for porting T3D-specific (e.g., utilizing T3D features still unimplemented or Cray PVP front-end features) and Paragon-specific (e.g., utilizing the NX message passing library) user applications and optimizing applications for the T3E. The discussion is sufficiently general to also be of value for T3E sites not migrating users from other platforms.

Integration of User Services using WWW

R.G. Evans, M.K. Boparai, J.C. Gordon, and M.M. Curtis
In order to provide a uniform interface to our users and minimize our own support cost we have integrated all our support services to a WWW interface. As well as new documentation, we use Perl scripts to present old unstructured documentation in a consistent way. Resource control is through WWW forms and dynamic monitoring of machine performance on our J90 is also presented via a browser interface. Some concerns over security lead us to restrict some Web pages to the local domain and we have implemented the text only browser ìLynxî on the J90 to assist in this.

Integrating Local SGML Documents into CRAYDOCS

T. R. Girill and Virginia (Jean) Shuler
The Customer Services and Support Group at LLNL purchased DYNATEXT software and creates local documentation in SGML. This documentation is integrated into the CRI CRAYDOCS system and accessed through the Web via DynaWeb software. This talk will focus on the decisions we made to move in this direction and to discuss the procedure for installing documents in the CRAYDOCS system.

Software Tools Used in a World Class Call Center

Ken Meier
At the heart of every excellent Call Center, there are extremely competent Call Center analysts who are utilizing numerous tools to do their jobs. They absolutely need these tools in order for them to function and deliver world class service. The integration of the Cray Customer Call Center and the SGI Technical Assistance Center has allowed us to realize the best of both Centers. This presentation will provide an overview of the critical tools required by the Centers to provide service. Phone systems, Call Tracking, Queue Management, Escalation Control, Informational Search Engines, Web Usage, and last but not least, Virtual Call Centers will be explained. All of these tools are in place to expedite your call and get you the level of service that you have coming.

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