Welcome to CUGDUS, the Cray User Group Directory of User-submitted Software, a repository of information about user supplied software for Cray UNICOS systems.

Software in the following categories is available:

CUGDUS is intended to encourage the sharing of software between Cray sites. It was originally set up and run by SDSC, opening in September of 1991, as an email system based on netlib.

How to contribute software

To submit software for inclusion in the CUGDUS directory, please fill in the following form.

To change or remove software from the directory send a request to

Comments about the software

If you have comments as to the quality or usefulness of a software package, please contact the author/submitter first. Feedback is appreciated. Bear in mind though, that most of this is free or low-cost software that is being generously donated to the community for the benefit of all.

If you are using a package at your site and would be willing to comment to others on its usefulness and quality, send email to that effect with your phone and/or email address and organization to Comments to that effect will be added to the information form for the package.

General Information

The Cray User Group supports CUGDUS as the central method of user site software sharing.

The format of the CUGDUS Submitter's Software Description Form may change over time.

The CUG, CRI, SDSC, NCSA and PSC do not make any warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of the CUGDUS information or for the usefulness, completeness, quality or safety of the software exchanged.

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