CUGDUS Systems Packages

Package Purpose Contributor Platforms
CpuQuota Part of SDSC CPU-time quota SW;monitors usage, holds jobs SDSC Cray
dma_qsort a better sorting algorithm for the dmhit utility on Unicos 6.x SARA Cray
DMF_fallback Media Groups and fallback mechanism in DMF-daemon to handle MSP failures SARA Cray
FTP_MSP Tool enabling data migration via TCP/IP SARA Cray
itime scheduler modification NAS - NASA Ames Research Ctr Y-MP
JobMixD Dynamically sets optimal NQS job mix & timeslices long jobs SDSC Cray
PBS batch queuing / job management system NASA Ames Research Center Cray, SGI, IBM, DEC, SUN, TMC, Intel, HP
QFT Queued File Transport SDSC Cray, VMS, UNIX Workstations
Qman a package to monitor diskspace requirements of batch jobs. SARA Cray
QMON NQS queue monitor that prevents users stuffing queues. CSIRO Cray
ResMan Part of SDSC CPU quota SW; resource management utilities SDSC Cray
SRFS Session Reservable File Systems Disk Resource Scheduler NASA Ames Y-MP,CRAY2

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