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Cray User Group, Incorporated

Board of Directors

Sally Haerer

Sam Milosevich

Margaret Simmons

Barbara Horner-Miller (ARSC)

Regional Director Americas
Barry Sharp

Regional Director Asia/Pacific
Robert Bell

Regional Director Europe
Bruno Loepfe

Past President
Gary Jensen

Program Lead Committee

Sam Milosevich (ELILILLY), Chair

Vito Bongiorno (CRAY) Dan Ferber (SGI)
Hans-Hermann Frese (ZIB) Helene Kulsrud (CCR-P)
Eric Greenwade (INEEL) Leslie Southern (OSC)
Chuck Keagle (BCS) Jeff Terstriep (UIUCNCSA)

Local Arrangements Committee

Simon de Leeuw (DELFTU) and Kees Niewwenhuis (SARA), Co-Chairs

Maria Roodenberg (DELFTU) and Ina Steenman (SARA), Conference Coordinators

Loek Bakker (DELFTU)

Jaap Hollenberg (SARA)

Frans Berwald (DELFTU)

Bert van Corler (SARA)

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