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Reporting Unicos and Unicos/mk System Utilization

CUG Summit 2000, Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Tuesday 23 May 2000 14:30 Track C: Operations

Kurt Carlson -- ARSC (University of Alaska)


This talk addresses measuring system utilization under Unicos[/mk] using CSA accounting and other data reduction and reporting tools and techniques. How to "account" for system usage and produce reasonable metrics on responsiveness to users. The myth of expansion factors will be debunked. Use of accounting data for isolating problems will also be discussed.

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Speaker Background

In 25 years with the University of Alaska part of my responsibilities have included: computer billing and resource management; performance monitoring, tuning, and trouble shooting; trend analysis and capacity planning. I have done these with: Honeywell GCOS; Vax/VMS; IBM/MVS (SMF and RMF were truly robust data sources) using IDMS transaction processing and databases; Digital UNIX with Oracle databases; SGI/Irix workstations and servers; and, of course, Cray Unicos[/mk] HPC systems. Hey, I have been stuck with just about everything... fortunately this is fun stuff.

Kurt Carlson,
Arctic Region Supercomputing Center University of Alaska, ARSC
Suite 108 Butrovich Building
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Fairbanks, Alaska 99775-6020 USA
Phone: 907-474-5763