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CUG 2010 Best Paper

The process of selecting the Best Paper for the conference is difficult and challenging. The selection committee spent many hours reading and analyzing each paper. Though the process is time consuming and challenging, the end result is truly rewarding.

It is with great pleasure that I announce the CUG 2010 Best Paper Award Winner and Finalists.


Nicholas P. Cardo
Vice-President and Program Chair

The CUG 2010 Best Paper Award Winner!

Application Acceleration on Current and Future Cray Platforms

Alice Koniges, Robert Preissl, and Jihan Kim, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
David Eder, Aaron Fisher, Nathan Masters, and Velimir Mlaker, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Stephan Ethier and Weixing Wang, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Martin Head-Gordon, University of California, Berkeley
and Nathan Wichmann, Cray Inc.

The two Finalists were

Configuring and Optimizing the Weather Research and Forecast Model on the
Cray XT

A. R. Porter and M. Ashworth, STFC Daresbury Laboratory

Analyzing the Effect of Different Programming Models Upon Performance and Memory Usage on Cray XT5 Platforms

Hongzhang Shan, Future Technology Group, Computational Research Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Haoqiang Jin, NAS Division, NASA Ames Research Center
Karl Fuerlinger, University of California, Berkeley, EECS Department, Computer Science Division
Alice Koniges and Nicholas J. Wright, NERSC, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


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