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CUG Membership Application

Any institution that owns or operates a Cray high performance system as defined in the handbook may apply to join CUG and become a member site. Any institutions that use a significant portion of another organization’s Cray high performance system as defined in the Member's Handbook may apply to join CUG and become an associate member site. Each site designates an Installation Delegate who votes for that site in CUG elections and on other issues. The Installation Delegate is the principal point of contact for the site’s ongoing relationship with CUG, and with CUG members, and assures that membership records are correct and fees are paid in a timely manner. The annual site membership fee is $750 (USD) (a bill will be sent upon acceptance of the application).


• To apply for membership, complete all items below.
• To change information for an active CUG Member, complete only those items that have changed.
• Contact the CUG Secretary for assistance.

If applying to be a member site, provide the name, CUG site code, phone number, and email address for your Cray Inc. Sales Representative:

Sales Representative

Installation Delegate

Billing Contact

Provide a second point of contact for administrative and billing queries.

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