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Cray User Group Board of Directors


David Hancock

Indiana University
Yun (Helen) He
National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center

Tina Declerck

National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center

Scott Michael

Indiana University

William (Trey) Breckenridge III

Mississippi State University


'Evil' Jim Williams

Los Alamos National Lab


Janet McCord

Texas Advanced Computing Center
Past President++

Nicholas Cardo

Swiss National Supercomputer Centre

Cray Advisor to the CUG Board **

Christy Adkinson

Cray Inc.

** Note: This is not a CUG Board position.
++ Note: Appointed Position

The CUG Board of Directors (BoD) encourages anyone with a concern or question about the Cray User Group to contact the BoD directly. The "Contact" pull-down menu contains the contact information for the CUG Board as well as other groups within the organization.

The CUG BoD holds three sets of meetings per year (Winter, Spring Conference, and Fall). The schedule is provided below. The Board conducts the remainder of its business via e-mails and phone conversations. Please feel free to submit topics you'd like discussed at the CUG BoD meetings or to be worked outside of these meetings (off-line).

Thank you,

Dave Hancock
CUG President

Board of Directors (BoD) Meeting Schedule

  2016 2017
Winter March 7-8 March 1-2
  London, UK Redmond, WA
CUG Conference May 8-12 May 7-11
  London, UK Redmond, WA 
Fall October 17-18 October TBD
  Redmond, WA Seattle, WA

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