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Stuttgart Weather

40th Cray User Group Conference

Calculating Engines

June 15 - 19, 1998



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Actual Data and Forecasts

Special Conference Medium Range Forecast.
Courtesy our Member Organization ECMWF.

CNN Stuttgart, Germany Forecast

Lake of Constance Weather (in German)

The Intellicast Weather Forecast for Stuttgart and a Temperature Converter

Live Cameras

A Look through  the Stuttgart TV Tower's Live Camera

Live Camera on top of Feldberg the highest mountain of the Black Forest (1493m)

Tübingen's Marketplace live

Satellites and Charts

Here You may find the latest NOAA pictures of Europe

European Weather Charts from Cologne University

10-Day Temperature Outlook for Europe

10-Day Precipitation Outlook for Europe


Precipitation Radar of South-West Germany from the University of Karlsruhe

Stuttgart's climate is mild. The yearly mean temperature is 10 Centigrade at 1720 hours of sunshine per year. Thus the region of Stuttgart is one of the warmest areas in Germany. That made it especially suitable for wine-growing since the times of the Romans.

Ca. 50% of the city's area is covered by parks, forests and vineyards, providing the city a pleasant climate all year round.

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