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Celebrating 20 Successful Years of CUG!

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40th Cray User Group Conference

Stuttgart, Germany

Welcome to
Stuttgart CUG

the site of

Calculating Engines

June 15 - 19, 1998

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owl2.gif (4439 Byte)The Show is over! Digital Pictures available for private use only!

owl2.gif (4439 Byte)Farewell - to You  Great Guests!
And Thank You to The Stuttgart LAC Team!

Events of possible Interest to CUG Conference Attendees:

Europe Day of Mannheim Supercomputer '98 Seminar June 18; a special invitation to CUG members

Virtual Environments '98, Conference and 4th Eurographics Workshop and IEEE YUFORIC Germany '98 in Stuttgart

CAT Engieering & CAT Bau '98; International Trade Fair for Innovative Product Development and Engineering & Computer-Integrated Planning and Construction, June 16 - 19, Messe Stuttgart

France 98, World Cup Football, June 10 - July 12, 1998


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