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40th Cray User Group Conference

Calculating Engines

June 15 - 19, 1998


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Within the registration area at KKL, a counter with tourist information will be arranged where you may collect information about Stuttgart and Baden-Würrtemberg. For attendees and accompanying persons, the travel agency Euro Lloyd Breuninger Reisebüro will be pleased to arrange the following tours for you.

Pre- and Post-conference Activities/Sightseeing

We offer different interesting tours throughout the week in our Accompanying persons program. Get the Tour Reservation Form (in pdf) here.


A real nice Post Conference Tour June 19-21, 1998 goes to the Lake of Constance and through the Black Forest.

Important: It is mandatory to book the Post Conference Tour before May 3, 1998. Since the Hotels already are in high season, we appologize for this hard deadline.

With the Accompanying persons program we are a little more relaxed. So please check  for availability with the

Organizer: Euro Lloyd Breuninger Travel Agency

Torstrasse 20
D- 70173 Stuttgart

Tel. 0049-711-23731.80
Fax. 0049-711-23731.79

owl2.gif (4439 Byte)New 4/20 1998: Extended Deadlines for Tours until and including May 3, 1998!

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