Editor's Note:
Cray User Group Proceedings are organized according to the conference session and Special Interest Group (SIG) to which they relate. The General Sessions, Parallel Sessions, and Tutorials listed below link to a page with a brief description (title, author(s), and abstract) for each presentation. From this page, some presentation titles (those highlighted and underscored as links) will link directly to the text of the paper, published on CD-ROM (not on the World Wide Web.) A limited number of the CD-ROM will be available in October, 1999 for $20.00 USD from the CUG Office at the address on the home/title page.

Session numbers

General Sessions


Parallel Sessions




      Compilers and Libraries

5, 10


5, 11

      Mass Storage Systems

3, 10




9, 11, 16


5, 9, 16



      Software Tools

3, 16


7, 10

      User Services

3, 7


9, 11


Monday Tutorials I-VII

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