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Come to CUG 2010 in Edinburgh

EPCC at the University of Edinburgh warmly invites you to CUG 2010.

Traditionally, scientific advancements have been made through theory (beginning in Greece in 500BC) and experiment (developed formally in Europe around 1600AD). Our theme for CUG 2010, Simulation Comes of Age, reflects that we have now reached another key point in the history of scientific research. Simulation has become established as the third fundamental research technique, enabling us to take our understanding and ability to a new level. Edinburgh is proud to have been one of the leading centres in this new methodology over the last 30 years. Simulation can be used to tackle problems that are too big, small, distant, quick or slow for experiment and too complex to solve analytically. This not only permits a deepening of our scientific understanding, but also contributes to important developments in areas that affect our everyday lives such as health, the environment, energy and industry.

Cray supercomputers continue to lead the way in providing the parallel processing capability required to perform such demanding simulations. EPCC, a leading European centre of expertise in advanced research, technology transfer and the provision of supercomputer services to academia and business, is proud to host HECToR: a Cray XT5h hybrid system based on XT4 and X2 components, which acts as the UK's main national supercomputing service and is used to facilitate world leading research in a wide range of disciplines. In the summer of 2009, an upgrade will increase the peak performance of the XT4 component to 208 TFlops and HECToR will become one of Europe's top supercomputers.

Edinburgh is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Dramatically located on the remnants of ancient volcanoes, the city boasts an exceptional combination of impressive architecture (from Medieval through Georgian to award-winning modern) and internationally renowned culture. CUG 2010 will be based at the Apex Waterloo Place Hotel, which has an excellent location right in the heart of Edinburgh.

We hope that you will join us in Edinburgh for what we expect to be a thoroughly enjoyable CUG 2010.


  Professor Arthur Trew
EPCC Director
Dr Alan Gray
Local Arrangements Chair
Dr Michele Weiland
Local Arrangements Coordinator