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May 16 through 19 Program Notes Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday


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1 Tutorials
1A (Cancun)
Chair: Thomas Oppe (CSC-VBURG)
1B (Santa Fe and Las Cruces)
Chair: Keith Underwood (SNLA)
Red Storm Management System (RSMS)—The Central Nervous System of the Cray XT3 and Cray Red Storm Computer Systems, Mark Swan and Steve Sjoquist, Cray Inc. Active Manager for Cray XD1, Amar Shan, Cray Inc.
2 General Session (Cancun) Chairs: Barbara Horner-Miller (ARSC) and Neil Pundit (SNLA)
Opening, Barbara-Horner Miller (ARSC), CUG President
Welcome to CUG 2005 and Keynote Speaker Introduction, Neil Pundit (SNLA), Local Arrangements Chair
Keynote Address, Bill Camp, Director of Computation, Computers, Information and Mathematics at Sandia National Laboratories (SNLA)
Petaflops, Exaflops, and Zettaflops for Science and Defense, Erik P. DeBenedictis (SNLA)
Lunch (Yucatan) 12:30-2:00
3 Technical Sessions
3A Reconfigurable Computing (FPGA) (Cancun)
Chair: Keith Underwood (SNLA)
3B Red Storm Performance & Visualization
(Santa Fe and Las Cruces)
Chair: James Kasdorf (PITTSC)
3C Benchmarking (Taos)
Chair: Rolf Rabenseifner (HLRS)
Reconfigurable Computing Characteristics of the Cray XD1, Craig Ulmer and David Thompson (SNLA) Performance of the Spectral Element Method on Red Storm, Mark Taylor and Bill Spotz (SNLA) Cray and HPCC: Benchmark Developments and Results from the Past Year, Nathan Wichmann, Cray Inc.
Applications Development with FPGAs: Simulate but Verify, Geert Wenes, Jim Maltby, and David Strenski, Cray Inc. Performance of Biological Modeling Applications on Red Storm, Steve Plimpton (SNLA) Vector vs. Scalar Processors: A Performance Comparison Using a Set of Computational Science Applications, Mike Ashworth, Ian J. Bush, and Martyn F. Guest, CCLRC Daresbury Laboratory
Accelerated FPGA Based Encryption, Joseph Fernando, Dennis Dalessandro, and Ananth Devulapalli (OSC) Red Storm’s Data Analysis and Visualization Environment, Constantine Pavlakos and David White (SNLA) GYRO Performance on a Variety of MPP Systems, Jeff Candy and Mark Fahey (ORNL)
4 Birds of a Feather and X1-Interactive Sessions
4A BoF's
4B and 4C
X1-Interactive Sessions
(Santa Fe and Las Cruces)
Chair: Mark Fahey (ORNL)
Open for BoF
Everyone interested in open discussions on the Cray X1 meet here. Once objectives are established, we will split into two groups (see below). Cray Inc. liaisons will be on hand.
4B (Santa Fe and Las Cruces)
4C (Taos)
Users (Applications, Programming Environments, and User Services), Focus Chair: Mark Fahey (ORNL),
Systems (Operating Systems, Operations, and Systems & Integration), Focus Chairs: Virginia Bedford (ARSC) and James Glidewell (BCS)
5 Birds of a Feather Sessions
5A (Cancun)
5B (Santa Fe and Las Cruces)
5C (Taos)
Accounting BoF, Focus Chairs: Virginia Bedford (ARSC) and Jim Glidewell (BCS) Applications BoF, Focus Chairs: Mark Fahey (ORNL) and Rolf Rabenseifner (HLRS)
Open for BoF