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16 Technical Sessions
Chair: Kevin Wohlever (OSC)
16B Compilers and Tools
(Santa Fe and Las Cruces)
Chair: James B. White, III (ORNL)
16C X1 Performance and Experiences
Chair: Tom Oppe (CSC-VBURG)
Evaluation of Running FFTs on the Cray XD1 with Attached FPGAs, Dave Strenski, Cray Inc., Michael Babst and Roderick Swift, DSPLogic The New Generation of Cray Performance Tools, Luiz DeRose, Bill Homer, Dean Johnson, and Steve Kaufmann, Cray Inc. Porting and Performance of the Community Climate System Model (CCSM3) on the Cray X1, George R. Carr, Jr. (ORNL), Matthew J. Cordery, Cray Inc., John B. Drake, Michael W. Ham, Forrest M. Hoffman, and Patrick H. Worley (ORNL)
Middleware Challenges for Reconfigurable Computing, Tyler Reed and Mladen Markov, Koan Corporation TotalView Happenings on Cray Platforms, Rich Collier, Etnus, Luiz DeRose, Cray Inc., John DelSignore, Etnus, Robert W. Moench and Bob Clark, Cray Inc. NAS Experience with the Cray X1, Rupak Biswas, Subhash Saini, Sharad Gavali, Henry Jin, Dennis C. Jespersen, M. Jahed Djomehri, and Nateri Madavan (NAS)
Road Traffic Simulation on the Cray XD1, Justin Tripp, Anders A. Hansson, Henning S. Mortve, and Maya B. Gokhale (LANL) Fortran, C and C++ Compilers and Tools for AMD Opteron Processor-based Supercomputers, Douglas Miles, Steven Nakamoto, and Michael Wolfe, The Portland Group Performance Results for the Weather Research and Forecast (WRF) Model on AHPCRC HPC Systems, Tony Meys (NCS-MINN)
17 Technical Sessions
17A Mining and Modeling with Cray Supercomputers
Chair: Jim Glidewell (BCS)
17B Compilers and Scientific Libraries
(Santa Fe and Las Cruces)
Chair: Rob Leland (SNLA)
17C X1 Solvers
Chair: Tom Oppe (CSC-VBURG)
Datamining Using Cray Supercomputers, Andrew Jones, Mike Pettipher, and Firat Tekiner (MCC) X1 Compiler Challenges (And How We Solved Them), Terry Greyzck, Cray Inc. A Comparison of Several Direct Sparse Linear Equation Solvers for CGWAVE on the Cray X1, Thomas Oppe and Fred T. Tracy (CSC-VBURG)
Optimization of the PETSc Toolkit and Application Codes on the Cray X1, Richard Tran Mills, Mark Fahey, and Eduardo D'Azevedo (ORNL)
Modeling Pulse Propagation and Scattering in a Dispersive Medium Using the Cray MTA-2, Wendell Anderson, Guy Norton, Jorge C. Novarini, Planning Systems Inc., Robert Rosenberg and Marco Lanzagorta (NRL) Scientific Libraries for Cray Systems: Current Features and Future Plans, Mary Beth Hribar, Cray Inc., Chip Freitag and Tim Wilkens, AMD
Implementation of the Vectorized Position Specific Iterated—Smith-Waterman Algorithm with Heuristic Filtering Algorithm on Cray Architecture, Lukasz Bolikowski, Witold Rudnicki, Rafal Maszkowski, Maciej Dobrzynski, Maciej Cytowski, and Maria Fronczak (WARSAWU)
Lunch (Yucatan) 12:30-2:00
18 Technical Sessions
18A Operating System Optimization
Chair: Jim Glidewell (BCS)
18B XT3 Programming
(Santa Fe and Las Cruces)
Chair: Rolf Rabenseifner (HLRS)
18C Servers and Services
Chair: John Stephens (GRUMMAN)
Software Architecture of the Lightweight Kernel, Catamount
Suzanne Kelly and Ron Brightwell (SNLA)
SHMEM on XT3, Monika ten Bruggencate, Cray Inc. Integrating External Storage Servers with the XT3, Jason Sommerfield, Paul Nowoczinski, J. Ray Scott, and Nathan Stone (PITTSC)
An Attempt to Improve X1 Filesystem Performance through Configuration Changes,
Liam Forbes and Jan Julian (ARSC)

This presentation has been canceled.

C and C++ Programming for the Cray XT3 and Cray Red Storm Systems, Geir Johansen, Cray Inc. Administration and Programming for the Red Storm IO Subsystem, Lee Ward (SNLA)
19 General Session (Cancun) Chair: Barbara Horner-Miller (ARSC)
Next CUG, Ladina Gilly (CSCS), Local Arrangements Coordinator
Barbara Horner-Miller (ARSC), CUG President
Tour of Sandia National Laboratories (prior approval is required)
Advisory Council Meeting