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May 16 through 19 Program Notes Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Program Notes

Interactive Sessions

This year we have transformed the Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings into "Interactive Sessions" to better reflect the needs of our members. A set of Interactive Sessions will be held for each Cray product (X1, XT3, and XD1). These meetings are open to all interested CUG attendees and will take place on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. They provide a forum to become acquainted with other CUG sites that share your interests and to discuss future direction, important issues, and areas of special interest. A liaison from Cray Inc. will be available for each Interactive Session to help address questions and to foster communications between the membership and Cray Inc. You are encouraged to attend any of these open meetings.

Program Committee

The Program Committee needs your ideas! There is no Open Program Committee meeting scheduled for this conference. Nonetheless, we encourage you to share your suggestions of how to improve the conference with the CUG Vice-President, CUG Directors, and/or any of the SIG Chairs. The CUG Conference Program is the net result of the combined efforts of all interested CUG sites. You can make a unique contribution to the next CUG conference!

Cell Phone and Pager Policy

Please turn off your cell phone and/or pager during conference sessions.

Sandia Lab Tours

If you will be taking the tour of Sandia National Laboratories, you will have a choice of either Tuesday or Thursday from 3:45-5:45.

Changes to the Program

We always anticipate there will be some changes to the Program schedule. Check the Bulletin Boards on site at the conference each day for schedule changes. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.