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11 Technical Sessions
11A Electronic Structure/Molecular Dynamics
Chair: Mark Fahey (ORNL)
11B UPC-X1, T3E, and ...
(Santa Fe and Las Cruces)
Chair: David Gigrich (BCS)
11C Facilities and Systems Operations
Chair: Mike Pettipher (MCC)
Towards Petacomputing in Nanotechnology, Yang Wang (PITTSC), Malcolm Stocks (ORNL), Aurelian Rusanu, Florida Atlantic University, D.M.C. Nicholson and Markus Eisenbach (ORNL), and J.S. Faulkner, Florida Atlantic University Evaluation and Performance of a UPC-Based CFD Application on the Cray X1, Andrew Johnson (NCS-MINN) Red Storm Infrastructure at Sandia National Laboratories, Robert A. Balance, Milton Clauser, Barbara J. Jennings, David J. Martinez, John H. Naegle, John P. Noe, and Leonard Stans (SNLA)
Quantum-Espresso Performance on Cray Systems, Roberto Ansaloni, Cray, Inc., and Carlo Cavazzoni and Giovanni Erbacci (CINECA) AMOs in UPC, Philip Merkey (MTU) Towards a Specification for the Definition and Measurement of Supercomputer Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability (RAS), Jon Stearley (SNLA)
Tuning Vector and Parallel Performance for Molecular Dynamics Codes on the Cray X1E, Konrad Wawruch, Witold Rudnicki, Wojciech Burakiewicz, Joanna Slowinska, Franciszek Rakowski, Michal Lopuszynski, and Lukasz Bolikowski, Mariusz Kozakiewicz, Maciej Cytowski, and Maria Fronczak (WARSAWU) Evaluation of UPC on the Cray X1, Tarek El-Ghazawi, Francois Cantonnet, and Yiyi Yao, George Washington University, Jeffey Vetter (ORNL) System Integration Experience Across the Cray Product Line, Arthur Bland and Richard Alexander (ORNL), Jeffrey Becklehimer, Cray Inc., Nina Hathaway, Don Maxwell, and Robert Silvia (ORNL) and Cathy Wills, Cray Inc.
12 General Session (Cancun) Chair: Barbara Horner-Miller (ARSC)
CUG Business: Advisory Council Introduction, Elections Presentations, and Voting, Barbara Horner-Miller (ARSC), CUG President
Support for High Performance Computing Users: Developing an On-line Knowledge Community, Barbara Jennings (SNLA)
Election Results, Eric Greenwade (INL), CUG Secretary
Lunch (Yucatan) 12:30-2:00
13 Technical Sessions
13A XD1—FPGA (Bioinformatics)
Chair: Kevin Wohlever (OSC)
13B Communication/Bandwidth
(Santa Fe and Las Cruces)
Chair: Mark Fahey (ORNL)
13C Networking
Chair: Keith Underwood (SNLA)
Accelerated Biological Meta-Data Generation and Indexing on the Cray XD1, Eric Stahlberg, Joseph Fernando, and Kevin Wohlever (OSC) Comparative Analysis of Interprocess Communication on the X1, XD1, and XT3, Patrick Worley, Thomas H. Dunigan, Jr., Mark R. Fahey, Jeffrey S. Vetter, James B. White III, and Patrick H. Worley (ORNL) Developing Custom Firmware for the Red Storm SeaStar Network Interface, Kevin Pedretti and Trammell Hudson (SNLA)
FPGA Acceleration of Bioinformatics on the XD1: A Case Study, Jim Maltby, Jeff Chow and Steve Margerm, Cray Inc. Balance of HPC Systems Based on HPCC Benchmark Results, Rolf Rabenseifner (HLRS) High-Speed Networking with Cray Supercomputers at ORNL, Steven Carter (ORNL)
Early Results from a Lattice-Gas Simulation on the Cray XD1 FPGA, Ronald Minnich and Matthew J. Sottile (LANL) Comparisons of the X1 to X1E on Major Scientific Applications, John Levesque, Cray Inc. Portals 3.3 on the Sandia/Cray Red Storm System, Ron Brightwell, Tramm Hudson, Kevin Pedretti, Rolf Riesen, and Keith Underwood (SNLA)
14 Birds of a Feather and XD1-Interactive Sessions
14A BoF
14B and C
(Santa Fe and Las Cruces)
XD1-Interactive Sessions
Chair: Liam Forbes (ARSC)
Focus Chair: Philip Merkey (MTU)

The objective of this BoF is to expand upon what was presented in the morning UPC track and to share other relevant UPC information within CUG.

Everyone interested in open discussions on the Cray XD1 meet here. Once objectives are established, we will split into two groups (see below). Cray Inc. liaisons will be on hand.
14B (Santa Fe and Las Cruces)
14C (Taos)
Users (Applications, Programming Environments, and User Services), Focus Chair: Kevin Wohlever (OSC) Systems (Operating Systems, Operations, and Systems & Integration), Focus Chair: Liam Forbes (ARSC)
15 Birds of a Feather Sessions
15A (Cancun)
15B (Santa Fe and Las Cruces)
15C (Taos)
Operating Systems BoF, Focus Chairs: Jim Glidewell (BCS) and Liam Forbes (ARSC)
Open for BoF
Open for BoF
CUG Night Out at El Pinto Restaurant
Buses leave from the hotel at 5:45 and 6:00
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