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CUG Office

The Cray User Group is an independent, international corporation of member organizations that own Cray Inc. computer systems. Founded in 1978, CUG was established to facilitate collaboration and information exchange in the high-performance computing (HPC) community.

Cray User Group, Incorporated is a Delaware Corporation. To the greatest degree possible, CUG is fully staffed and supported by volunteers from Member sites worldwide. The organization is virtual, in that there is no brick and mortar headquarters, and communications is predominantly electronic. The remaining vestiges of a physical office model are being replaced with virtual office services that bridge the gap for traditional services such as a physical mailing address. These steps reduce the organization's operating expenses, and allow CUG to deliver the conference series and technical document library at the lowest possible cost.

Please contact the CUG office using the following methods:

Email to the CUG Office reflector.

Submit papers and presentations for the upcoming CUG Annual Conference after reviewing the information in the Call for Papers.

Call CUG through Google Voice, which offers voice mail that is then emailed to the CUG Office email reflector. This service makes every attempt to translate your voice mail. Please leave a clear and concise messages, including the return phone number. The CUG Google Voice number is +1 925.272.9284.

Mail that requires a physical mailing address may be sent to:

Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Attn: Jim Rogers
1 Bethel Valley Road
P.O. Box 2008; MS 6008
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6008

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