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With the acquisition of Cray by HPE, CUG welcomes HPE Apollo customers to join
the organization and participate in the upcoming CUG 2024 conference.

CUG 2025 “Computing Horizons” May 4 – May 8

The Institute for Advanced Computational Science (IACS) at Stony Brook University (SBU) and the HPE Cray User Group (CUG) Board are thrilled to extend a warm invitation to all members of CUG to the 2025 CUG Conference, from May 4 – May 8, 2025, within minutes of New York City, the big apple – a city that is always open for adventure.

CUG 2024 “Diverse Universe” May 5 – May 9

Australia’s Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre and the CUG Board would like to invite you to the 2024 CUG Conference in Perth, Western Australia, on May 5-9, 2024.  The theme for the 2024 event is Diverse Universe, highlighting our commitment to supporting diverse scientific workloads and services including world-class radioastronomy.  The theme pays tribute to Australia’s biodiversity, represented by the inclusion of the quokka in the event logo and the importance of diversity and inclusivity in our industry. 

CUG 2023 “Sustainable Exascale” May 7 – May 11

CSCT Center for Science Ltd (CSC Finland) would like to invite you to CUG 2023 in Helsinki, Finland, May 7 – 11, 2023. Our theme for this meeting is Sustainable Exascale. This is a double reference to environmental sustainability in hosting energy-hungry exascale systems, as well as to sustained application performance, that is harnessing the exascale systems for real-world workloads.

CUG 2022 “Ecosystem of Discovery” May 2 – May 5

The National Energy Research Scientific Computing Centre (NERSC) is delighted to host CUG 2022 in Monterey, CA,  from 2 May to 5 May 2022. Our theme, “Ecosystem of Discovery”, highlights our mission of enabling science through high performance computing while also calling attention to one of the animals Monterey is most known for – the sea otter.

CUG 2021 Virtual Conference May 3 – May 5

The Cray User Group will be hosting the annual CUG conference virtually the first two weeks of May. BoFs, Tutorials and SIGs May 6 – 14. Featured will be a technical program with papers, presentations, BoFs, Q&As and more.  We look forward to helping you share your valuable insights and findings with the broader CUG community.

CUG 2020 “Sailing into the Future of HPC” Cancelled

CUG 2019 “Memory Bound, Je me souviens” May 5 – 9th

Shared Services Canada, Integrated HPC Management Directorate, invites you to join us for CUG 2019 in Montreal, Canada from 5 May to 9 May 2019.

“Memory Bound, Je me souviens” is the theme of CUG 2019, a play on words that embodies issues often faced with HPC workloads and combines it with the beautiful poetic and patriotic motto of the Province of Quebec, Canada.

CUG 2018 Visionary Computing May 20 – May 24th

The PDC Center for High Performance Computing at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology invites you to join us for CUG 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden from 20-24 May 2018.

“Visionary Computing” is the theme of CUG 2018. The many challenges in our field need visionary approaches to push our boundaries and our infrastructure enables visionary research. Sweden and the Stockholm region is the home of great and visionary minds such as Carl Linnaeus, Anders Celsius and Ander Jonas Ångström, to name a few…

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The Cray User Group Board has established a CUG Slack Community Forum (CUGSCF) to provide a mechanism for members of the CUG Community, including the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Working Groups (WGs), to communicate outside of regular meetings and the annual conference.


To participate in the CUGSCF, you must be from a member site in good standing or a recognized CUG conference sponsor and register using your institution’s email address (e.g. no Hotmail, Gmail, etc.) and agree to the CUG-SCAcceptable Use Policy.

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