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With the acquisition of Cray by HPE, CUG is happy to welcome HPE Apollo customers join the organization and participate in the upcoming CUG 2020 conference.

October 13, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

I hope this email finds you all in good health despite the continued difficult situation we all find ourselves in.

I write to inform you that the CUG Board has finalised the agenda for the upcoming Special Event on Tuesday 27th October. We have decided on the following format (note that all content is free for CUG members):

  1. In Calendar Week (CW) 43 (i.e. the week of 19th October) we will send you a link to an HPE/Cray Corporate Update video delivered by Pete Ungaro. You will have the opportunity to review this content at your leisure before the event on 27th October. After registering you will receive credentials to access the video content from the CUG website (or you can use your member login managed by your site representative). Furthermore, we will provide you with a link to a survey where you can pose questions to Pete Ungaro ahead of the sessions on 27th October (see Item 3, below), if you so desire
  2. An extended XTreme virtual meeting will be held at 8:30am PDT on Monday 26th October. Agenda and connection details will be provided by the XTreme chair. Note that, as usual, only XTreme SIG members are permitted to attend this meeting
  3. On 27th October we will have two sessions at the following times:
    1. 7am PST primarily to cover the America and European time zones. This will also not be too late for our colleagues in India
    2. 6pm PST primarily to cover the Asia/Pacific region. This time could also work for our early bird colleagues in India. We will run the above two sessions as live virtual 1:100 sessions (Zoom webinars) with Pete Ungaro, in which he will answer any and all questions you have (including those that came via the survey link, mentioned above), just like he does in the face-to-face conference. Note that these sessions are for CUG members only (i.e. sponsors or Cray/HPE staff are not permitted).

    Please choose whichever session best fits your schedule and time zone.

    If you so desire you can of course attend both sessions, there is no limit on this.

    To attend the sessions you will be asked to complete a Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) when you register (see link below).

  4. At the end of each of the live 1:100 session we will run through some CUG Business including:
    1. A presentation from the VP on the Special Edition Call for Papers and the Best Paper announcement
    2. An announcement about the venue for CUG2021. This will include a short presentation from the host site
    3. An announcement of the election results

Some of you may have questions about the absence of a technical programme this year. The Board decided, given the global situation, to not attempt to run a fully virtual conference but rather keep the Call for Papers and publish the accepted papers. In the end we received 14 papers and although there will not be presentations, the top papers will be published in a special edition of CCPE and all the camera ready papers will be posted on the CUG site. The VP has sent out the papers for review with a deadline of 20th October and some of you, as usual, will be exercised in this review process.

To participate in this CUG virtual event please register at the following link. Once we receive your registration we will approve you and you will be given additional information on how to access the HPE/Cray Corporate Update video content (which will be available in CW43; see above).

Register here:


Kind regards,

Colin McMurtrie
CUG President

CUG 2020 “Sailing into the Future of HPC” Cancelled

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