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Save the Date - Cray User Group 2017 - Redmond, Washington USA

The Cray User Group conference returns to the beautiful Pacific Northwest for 2017. Our location in downtown Redmond, WA is close to abundant activities including parks, recreation, shopping, wine country, and, of course, big brother Seattle. The XTreme SIG (NDA, Invitation Only) meets on Sunday, May 7, 2017. Sunday evening, there is a Welcome Reception for all attendees and guests. Tutorials and BoFs are scheduled for Monday, May 8, with the Technical Sessions scheduled for Tuesday, May 9 through Thursday May 11.

An Invitation

As an owner or user of a Cray computer system, you are already part of an elite computing community. It's time to make the most of it. The Cray User Group invites you to become a member of the Cray User Group (CUG), and to discover the benefits of professional relationships with other Cray users around the world.

Who We Are

The Cray User Group is an independent, international corporation of member organizations that own Cray Inc. computer systems. Founded in 1978, CUG was established to facilitate collaboration and information exchange in the high-performance computing (HPC) community. We assist our members in achieving their business and research objectives by providing opportunities to share and discover ideas, solutions, and developments in the effective use of computational tools.

Meetings of the Minds

As an employee or user of a CUG site, you will be invited to attend exclusive conferences and workshops all over the world. These events feature insightful presentations by HPC experts, as well as valuable technical sessions, tutorials, and demonstrations. They also facilitate member discussions around current experiences, projected trends, and productive collaboration opportunities with sessions led by special interest group leaders and other members of the Cray User Group. Although CUG operates independently of Cray Inc., you will benefit from Cray expertise at our conferences and workshops. Cray sends technical, management, and executive representatives to these events to share information and learn of our members' needs.

Other Benefits

In addition to our annual conferences and topical workshops, as a CUG member you will have access to: • CUG publications, including our newsletter, conference proceedings, and the CUG Handbook • a CUG Site List, which provides contact information of members who are willing to exchange ideas and experiences on a number of computing issues • e-mail reflectors, used for reporting technical problems, sharing solutions, and contributing relevant announcements or queries.

Join Us

If your organization has a Cray computer system, it is eligible to become a member of the Cray User Group. For an annual fee of $750, you and your colleagues can be an active part of our dynamic international community. Join us today and discover how collaboration among Cray users can lead to increased effectiveness, surprising solutions, and exciting innovations. For more information, please Contact Us at your earliest convenience.

CUG 2016 Best Paper Award Winner

The CUG 2016 Best Paper Award is awarded to:

Accelerating Science with NERSC Burst Buffer Early User Program

Authors: Wahid Bhimji, Deborah Bard, Melissa Romanus AbdelBaky, David Paul, Andrey Ovsyannikov, and Brian Friesen (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory/National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center); Matt Bryson (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory); Joaquin Correa and Glenn K. Lockwood (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory/National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center); Vakho Tsulaia, Suren Byna, and Steve Farrell (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory); Doga Gursoy (Argonne National Laboratory); Chris Daley (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory/National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center); Vince Beckner and Brian Van Straalen (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory); and Nicholas J. Wright, Katie Antypas, and Mr Prabhat (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory/National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center)

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