Organizational Structure

The business of CUG takes place within various components of our organization. There is an elected Board of Directors, a Program Lead Committee, an Advisory Council, plus Special Interest Groups (SIGs), Cray liaisons, and other ad hoc working committees.

The SIGs are structured around focused subject areas with three SIGs: Applications and Programming Environments, User Services, and Systems Support. All conference programs, as well as the general technical focus of the organization, stem from these Special Interest Group subject areas listed in the table below.

Applications & Programming Environments

Programming Environment
3rd Party Applications
User Code Optimization

User Services

Account Administration
User Support

Systems Support

Environmental Monitoring
Facilities and Site Prep
Tuning and OS Optimization
System Operations
Mass Storage

Each of these SIGs has a chairperson to lead the effort and a special liaison from Cray. This ensures that every component of CUG interest is represented and adequately covered within our business, our interactions with Cray, and within our technical programs.

The CUG Program Lead Committee (PLC) is responsible for creating a conference program that meets the needs of the CUG members. Their objective is to assemble a diverse array of detail-packed presentations in General and Parallel Technical Sessions, Tutorials, and Special Interest Group meetings. Recommendations for improvements or additions to the conference program should be addressed to the Program Chair.

Cray User Group Program Committee

The CUG Program Committee is lead by the CUG Vice President and consists of the Cray Program Liason, currently Janet Lebens, the SIG chairs/deputy chairs, and other volunteers from CUG member sites. Please contact the CUG Vice President if you would like to get involved in the committee.

Cray User Group Advisory Council

The Advisory Council (AC) gives advice on technical and administrative matters that come before the organization. The Advisory Council meets at each General Meeting. The CUG President serves as Chair of the Advisory Council. The CUG Secretary appoints the Advisory Council Secretary. The Advisory Council Secretary is responsible for the minutes, which are to be prepared and distributed to the Advisory Council members.

Membership on the Advisory Council includes the following:

  • Board of Directors
  • Special Interest Group (SIG) Chairs
  • Cray Inc. Representatives (Advisor to CUG Board, Program Liaisons, & SIG Liaisons)
  • Tutorials Chair
  • Focus Group Chairs
  • AC Secretary
  • Recent Past BoD members
  • Past, Current, and Future Local Arrangements Chairs (LAC)