SS SIG Lugano


Name Organization
Angelo Mangili CSCS
Christian Mezzanotte CSCS
Mark Klein NCSA
Joshi Fullop NCSA
Jay Blakeburough Cray
Cory Spitz Cray
Charlie Carrol Cray
Kelly Marquardt Cray
Wayne Kugel Cray
Tina Butler NERSC
Larry Pezzaglia NERSC
Mike Showerman NCSA
Stephen Booth EPCC
Susanna Salminen CSC
J. Brunson Cray
Nikos Trikovpis CUNY
Roger Smith Mississippi State U.
Liam Forbes ARSC
Vito Bongiorino Cray
Elisabeth Krenzien DWD
Eric Eilertson IDA
Wayne Trivette
Mike Hawkins ECMWF
John Hesterberg Cray
Sharif Islam NCSA
Hans-Herman Frese ZIB
Paul Peltz U. Tennessee-NICS
OIiver Treuber ECMWF
Matt Allen Indiana U.
Brett Hammond Indiana U.
Apologies to anyone who attended and did not sign in on the sheet


  1. Welcome
  2. Site Updates
    1. Site updates were provided by NERSC, ARSC, NCSA, ECMWF, ZIB, NICS, MSU, IU, EPCC, CSC Finland, ORNL.
  3. Finalization of Self Service Topic
    1. ARSC reported that this is working for them, Cray has 3 FTE in US Support organization, 2 in Europe. Cray reports efforts to provide increased DIY documentation.
  4. Filesystems and Archives
    1. Kelly M. and Cory S. from Cray clarified Lustre client/CLE versions
      1. CLE 4.2UP02 contains 1.8.6 and 2.4.0 clients.
      2. CLE 5.2UP00 contains 2.4.1 and 2.5.0
    2. Jason H asked if any sites are using Lustre HSM – negative response. CEA (non-Cray site) are using this, and may be of interest to the group.
    3. Jason H. to work with Kelly M. to get a Tiered Adaptive Storage (TAS) presentation for next con call.
  5. Wiki
    1. Web team at Indiana worked with Colin and Jason to get a wiki presence put together over the last year.
    2. Colin M. setup some initial test pages, Jason H. to develop more content this year.
      1. Site updates would be good to go in here
      2. Tips/Tricks section would be very beneficial
  6. Items from the CUG Board
    1. Request for papers and reviewers for 2015: Board is always on the lookout or more papers, topics, and reviewers for the technical program. Don’t be shy, volunteer today.
    2. Volunteer to help keep CUG great! There are board positions elected at each conference.
    3. If you would like more information about either of the above, email the CUG Vice President (Liz Simm), or the Secretary (Bob Balance).
  7. Elections
    1. Colin stepping down after 2 year term. Thanks to Colin for getting the SIG back on the right track.
    2. 3 Candidates for Chair, Deputy Chair.
      1. Election held by show of hands.
      2. Jason Hill (ORNL) Elected SIG chair by majority.
      3. Suggestion for Hans-Herman and Sharif to be deputy chairs; accepted by SIG.
    3. Results of election communicated to CUG secretary.
  8. Next conference call
    1. Scheduled for Wednesday June 18, 2014.
    2. Announcement sent to email reflector.
  9. Adjourned.