CUG 2013 – Plenary Sessions

Plenary Speakers – Cray Executive Update – Tuesday, 7 May, 2013

CUG welcomes Cray Executives, Peter Ungaro, Peg Williams, and Bill Blake to CUG 2013. They will highlight the remarkable year Cray has experienced as well as discuss the future of Supercomputing and Big Data at Cray.

Plenary Speaker – Rajeeb Hazra – Wednesday, 8 May, 2013

The Changing Face of High Performance Computing

The continuing growth of computer performance is delivering an unprecedented capability to solve increasingly complex problems. This growth in performance along with the recent explosion of new devices, sensors, and social networks delivering real-time feeds over the web and into datacenters is causing a flood of data – and adding a new challenge for systems, software and applications development – for organizations that are looking to convert this data into knowledge.
For vendors catering to both HPC and big data, this trend of unprecedented data challenges is reinforcing the need for investment in high-end systems with high performance storage, networks and applications if the potential of HPC is to continue to be realized. These systems, while addressing the needs of HPC, must also tailor the capability to address the requirements of new breeds of applications that emphasize rapid processing of unstructured and structured data that is being fired into corporate datacenters and research facilities at unprecedented rates.
The industry has adopted three strategies to mitigate these challenges and increase the performance of systems and applications to address both the HPC and the big data space: parallel applications development; addition of accelerators to standard commodity compute nodes; and development of new purpose-built systems for the high end. In addition, at the high end of HPC, novel technologies are needed in the areas of memory subsystems, parallel system interconnects, and packaging.
In this talk, Raj will discuss the current dynamics of the HPC market, how Intel is innovating to address the changing trends, and how the key acquisitions that Intel have made over the last year, along with our collaborations with key partners, will fit together to enable a complete and affordable solution for the entire HPC ecosystem.

Biography, Rajeeb Hazra

Rajeeb Hazra is a vice president in the Intel Architecture Group and serves as general manager for the technical computing segment in the Datacenter and Connected Systems Group at Intel Corporation. He is responsible for driving the business of high-performance computing and workstations, successfully ramping Intel’s new Many Integrated Core (MIC) product line in technical computing and other segments, and leading fabric product development. Before assuming his current position, Hazra was the director of Supercomputing Architecture, where he was responsible for strategic research and development engagements with Intel’s supercomputing customers. Earlier in his Intel career, he served as the director of the Systems Technology Lab in Intel Labs (then called the Corporate Technology Lab), where he oversaw R&D in hardware and software-related systems technologies. Hazra also previously served as technical assistant to Intel’s chief technology officer. He joined Intel in 1994 as a software engineer in Intel Architecture Labs, working on video compression/decompression technologies. Before coming to Intel, Hazra was with the Lockheed Engineering and Sciences Company based at NASA’s Langley Research Center.
Hazra holds 16 patents in signal processing and has contributed numerous technical publications to refereed technical journals and conferences. He was honored with an Intel Achievement Award in 2000 for breakthroughs in multiple generations of industry-leading video-compression technologies.
Hazra earned his bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering from Jadavpur University, India. He also holds a master’s degree in computer science and a Ph.D. in computer science, both from The College of William & Mary.
Plenary Speaker – Peter Ungaro – Wednesday, 8 May, 2013

Peter Ungaro will address the CUG member sites in attendance for a 1 on 100 (or more) session where members can interact with the Cray President and CEO in a dynamic Q&A session. Other Cray employees or Cray partners are not permitted in the room during this session.