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Conrad Chicago

521 North Rush Street,Chicago, Illinois, 60611-3507, USA

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TEL: +1-800-705-7129 rate code CUG

CUG 2015

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois invites you to CUG 2015 in Chicago.  The meeting will provide Cray system users, developers, and administrators with an opportunity to discuss issues and innovations regarding large-scale, high-productivity computing, data analysis, and collaboration.

Established in 1986 at the University of Illinois as one of the original National Science Foundation supercomputing centers, NCSA has built an international reputation for accelerating computational science and engineering, deploying innovative machine architectures at extreme scale, and advancing the fields of data-intensive computing, cybersecurity, and visualization.  NCSA has deployed and operates Blue Waters, one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world and the largest system Cray has ever built.  Blue Waters, with a sustained performance of more than 1 PFLOPS, consists of 288 cabinets with 22,640 XE6 and 4,224 XK7 nodes.  Additionally, its file system is the largest and fastest Lustre file system in the world. Similarly, the tape nearline storage system is the largest HPSS deployment worldwide.  Blue Waters enables transformational research in a multitude of areas from astronomy to molecular biology to quantum physics and weather and climate modeling, to name only a few.  Blue Waters also makes unparalleled computational resources available to the partnerships between academia and the private sector in fields such as health care, manufacturing, and independent software vendors.

We look forward to seeing you in Chicago, where we hope you will have the opportunity to visit the city’s great parks and museums, sample its tremendous variety of cuisines and activities, and explore the rich and diverse cultural heritage of many of Chicago’s neighborhoods, which provides the city with so much of its vibrant energy. We hope to make your visit to Chicago as rewarding as possible and would like to extend our invitation beyond the conference room to a series of social events that will highlight the best Chicago has to offer, from breathtaking skyscrapers, to beloved sport teams and soulful blues music.


Dr. William Kramer,

Blue Waters Director

Dr. Cristina Beldica
Blue Waters Executive Director

Local Arrangements Chair, CUG2015