Hosting a CUG Meeting

If your site is interested in hosting a CUG Conference:

  • Check with the CUG President or Treasurer to learn the next available open dates. These are usually 2 to 3 years out. ┬áThe CUG Meeting Guide provides a general timeline of events that need to take place in order to have a successful conference.
  • Confer with your management on the policies and limitations for sponsoring such a meeting.
  • Determine how the site wants to structure the details (finances, personnel, equipment loans, etc.).
  • Send a letter to the CUG President offering the site as host for a specified conference.
  • You may then be asked to provide a short presentation to the BoD as to what your site could offer

The CUG President will inform the CUG BoD of the offer. After consideration by the BoD, the President will send a formal acceptance or rejection letter to the proposing organization. If the proposal is accepted, CUG will provide preliminary information in order to help select an appropriate venue.