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Program Notes

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1 Tutorials
  1A 1B
8:00 Tools and Techniques for Application Performance Tuning on the Cray XT4 System, Luiz DeRose and John Levesque, Cray Inc. Slides for this tutorial  
8:30 Using ALPS on CNL Systems, Michael Karo, Cray Inc. Slides for this tutorial
10:45 Break
2 Opening General Session
11:00 Welcome, David Gigrich, CUG President, and Hank Heeb, Local Arrangements Chair, The Boeing Company (BOEING)
11:15 Keynote Address: High Performance Computing in Aerospace, Mark Goldhammer (bio), Chief Engineer - Airplane Performance - Product Development, The Boeing Company (BOEING)
11:45 PERCU Results in a Reawakened Relationship for NERSC and Cray, William Kramer, National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) Slides for this presentation
12:30–2:00 Lunch
3 Technical Sessions
  3A Performance with FPGAs
3B Compilers
3C Architecture/Performance
2:00 Accelerating NCBI BLAST—FPGA Supercomputing Coming of Age, Stefan Möhl and Henrik Abelsson Mitrionics AB Slides for this presentation Chapel (paper and slides), Brad Chamberlain, Cray Inc. HPCC Results and Analysis from ORNL's XT3/XT4 System, Jeffery Kuehn, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL); and Jeff Larkin and Nathan Wichmann, Cray Inc. Slides for this presentation
2:30 Strategies for Solving Linear Systems of Equations Using Chapel, Richard Barrett and Stephen Poole, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Slides for this presentation Optimized Virtual Channel Assignment in the Cray XT3 System, Dennis Abts, Bob Alverson, Jim Nowicki, and Deborah Weisser, Cray Inc. Slides for this presentation
2:45 Performance Evaluation of Biological Applications that Use FPGAs, Olaf Storaasli and Weikuan Yu, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL); Dave Strenski, Cray Inc.; Jim Maltby, Mitrionics Slides for this presentation
3:00 How to Choose a Compiler that Is Best Suited for Your Application, Geir Johansen, Cray Inc. Slides for this presentation Introducing the Cray XMT, Petr Konecny, Cray Inc. Slides for this presentation Slides for this presentation
3:30 Break
4 Interactive Sessions and BoF  
4:00 XD1-Interactive Sessions, Chair: Liam Forbes BoF
  4A 4B 4C
4:30 Systems, Chair: Liam Forbes Users, Chair: Scott Kneller Chapel, Brad Chamberlain, Cray Inc.
5 BoFs
  5A 5B 5C
5:00 Open for BoF Open for BoF HPC Computing Data Center Energy and Environmental Requirements, Steve Johnson, Cray Inc.

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