CUG 2019 – Technical Program

The conference proceedings are now available.

The conference program is now available. You can download the CUG 2019 guide on guidebook or view a mobile friendly version on your tablet or smartphone.

CUG 2019 Best Paper Award Winner

Best Paper: Scaling Results From the First Generation of Arm-based Supercomputers
Authors: Simon McIntosh-Smith, James Price, Andrei Poenaru, and Tom Deakin (University of Bristol)        

Simon McIntosh-Smith (winner, on the right), with Brian Skjerven (CUG 2019 Program Chair)

Best Paper 1st Runner-Up: Experiences porting mini-applications to OpenACC and OpenMP on heterogeneous systems
Authors: Veronica G. Vergara Larrea (ORNL), Reuben Budiardja (ORNL), Rahulkumar Gayatri (NERSC), Christopher Daley (NERSC), Oscar Hernandez (ORNL), and Wayne Joubert (ORNL)

Best Paper 2nd Runner-Up: Machine learning on Crays to optimise petrophysical workflows in oil and gas exploration
Authors: Nick Brown (EPCC)