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Monday, November 9th


New Special Paper Session
I/O Performance Characterization and Prediction through Machine Learning on HPC Systems
Performance and Power Modeling and Prediction Using MuMMI and Ten Machine Learning Methods
Unified Model Global Weather Forecast Performance on HPE Cray EX
Utilizing Ensemble Learning for Performance and Power Modeling and Improvement of Parallel Cancer Deep Learning CANDLE Benchmarks
HPE Cray Supercomputers: System User Access; User Access Node or User Access Instance, Which is Right for Me?
Early User Experience on and Lessons Learned from the NERSC Cori GPU Cluster
A scheduling policy to improve 10% of communication time in parallel FFT
Deriving Workload Expectations: Monitoring and Analysis Using HPC Job Profiles
Towards Acceptance Testing at the Exascale Frontier
Advanced Topics in Configuration Management
Enabling Power Measurement and Control on Astra: The First Petascale Arm Supercomputer
Not All Applications Have Boring Communication Patterns: Profiling Message Matching with BMM
Special Paper

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