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Tutorial Session
Tutorial I
Tutorial II
Tutorial III
Cray SV1 Performance
Jeff Brooks (CRAY)
High Performance Fortran: Practice and Experience on the Cray T3E, SGI Origin, and Cluster Systems
Vince Schuster (The Portland Group)
Configuring a Secure System
Virginia Bedford and Liam Forbes (ARSC)
1 General Session, Chair, S.W. de Leeuw, (DELFTU)
  Introduction to the Conference, S.W. de Leeuw, LAC Co-Chair, (DELFTU)
  Water Control by High Performance Computing, Guus S. Stelling (DELFTU)
2 General Session, Chair, Sally Haerer (OR-ST)
Cray Inc. Corporate Direction, Jim Rottsolk (CRAY)
Cray Inc. Product Roadmap, Dave Kiefer (CRAY)
Interactive Sessions





  T90, Vito Bongiorno (CRAY) T3E, William White (CRAY) Evaluation of the Tera Multithreaded Architecture Computer, R.H. Leary, W. Pfeifer, L. Carter, and A. Snavely (SDSC)
(Available for BoF)


4 General Session, Chair, Hans-Hermann Frese (ZIB)
Cray Inc. Hardware Overview, Dave Keifer (CRAY)
Cray Inc. Software Overview, John Dawson (CRAY)
Cray Inc. Customer Service Overview, Roger Dagitz (CRAY)
5 General Session, Chair, Helene Kulsrud (IDA)
SV2 Operating System Direction, Jim Harrell (CRAY)
Cray Programming Environment, John Dawson (CRAY)
  System View of the SV2, Don Mason (CRAY)
Technical Sessions 2:00-3:30
6 A
6 B
6 C

Compilers and Libraries



Chair, David Gigrich (BCS) Chair, John Clyune (NCAR) Chair, Ingeborg Weidl (MPG)
Avoiding Megaword Memory Leaks on a Cray T90, David Gigrich (BCS)

Slide Presentation
Applications of Vis5D in the Cray T3E MPP Environment, Sergei Maurits and Jeff McAllister (ARSC)

Slide Presentation
NERSC Experiences with Security Tools and Monitoring, Tina Butler (NERSC)

Slide Presentation


Performance of Fortran Programming Models on the Cray T3E, Hans-Hermann Frese (ZIB) Visualization of Spherical Geometries Produced by Large Scale Simulation on the Cray T3E at Manchester, UK, Joanna Leng, John Brooke, and Terry Hewitt (MCC), and Huw Davies (U. of London)

Slide Presentation
Reporting Unicos and Unicos/mk System Utilization, Kurt Carlson (ARSC)

Slide Presentation




Performance Tuning for Cray's SV1 Architecture, James Giuliani and David Robertson (OSC)

Slide Presentation
Probing the Universe via an Intercontinental Cluster of T3Es, Stephen Pickles, Stephen Ord, Fumie Costen, John Brooke, and Terry Hewitt (MCC)

Slide Presentation
SuperCluster SV1: The Next Step, Bruno Loepfe (ETHZ) and Olivier Byrde (CRAY)
Interactive Sessions  
7 A
7 B
7 C
7 D
SV1, Patricia Langer (CRAY) Cray Inc. Q&A Panel, Charlie Clark (CRAY) Ace Agent for the Cray, Erv Kuhnke, Steve Finn, and Chris Macneill (DTRA)

Slide Presentation
(Available for BoF)


9 General Session, Chair, Sam Milosevich (ELILILLY)
Advisory Council for Science and Technology Policy, B.P.T. Veltman, Chairman of the Board
  Thirty Years of Simulaton of Ocean Circulation: Status and Future, Henk Dijkstra (University of Utrecht)
Portable MPI Tools at Work–Cracking Performance Problems, Werner Krotz-Vogel (Pallas)
Technical Sessions
10 A
10 B
10 C

Software Tools


User Services

Chair, Guy Robinson (ARSC) Chair, Eric Greenwade (INEEL) Chair, Brian Kucic (UIUCNCSA)
Experiences in Getting Researchers Started on Parallel Systems: Rapid Prototyping, Guy Robinson (ARSC) Automatic MPI Counter Profiling, Rolf Rabenseifner (RUS) User Support and the Virtual Machine Room, Bruce Loftis, John Towns, and Scott Koranda (UIUCNCSA)



UNICORE: Beyond Web-based Job-Submission, Mathilde Romberg (KFA) Pfortran and Co-Array Fortran–Tools for Parallelization of a Large Scale Scientific Application, Piotr Bala (WARSAWU) and Terry W. Clark (U. Chicago) Pay as you go Supercomputing: Does it work?, Terry Hewitt (MCC)

Slide Presentation
Simplifying Administration and Management Processes in the Polish National Cluster, Norbert Meyer, Pawel Wolniewicz, and Miroslaw Kupczyk (Poznan)

This paper in PDF format
Exact Solution of Linear System Equations Using Chinese Remainder Theorem, Hector Eduardo Gonzalez, Enrique Cruz, and Jorge Carrillo (UNAM)


Tutorial IV
Tutorial V
Tutorial VI
Tutorial VII
UNICOS/IRIX Differences in DMF, Paul Ernst (SGI) Configuration and Management of Large Origin and SN Mips Systems, Gustavo Galimberti and Dan Higgins (SGI) Programming for Optimal Use of I/O, Dave Ellis (SGI) XFS and CXFS, Brian Gaffey (SGI)
12 General Session, Chair, Jeff Terstriep (UIUCNCSA)
SGI Corporate Direction
SGI Hardware Report
Technical Sessions
13 A
13 B
13 C




  Chair, Michael Resch (RUS) Chair, Larry Eversole (JPL) Chair, Chuck Keagle (BCS)
SGI Tensor Processor Unit, Bill Harrod and Louis Hackerman (SGI) Aspects of 3D Visualization of a Complex Cave System, Bernd Hetze and Manfred Buchroithner (DRESDENU)

Slide Presentation including two quicktime movies: Cave Interior and Mountain Panorama (approx. 5.6 megs total) Editor's note: this presentation is well worth the time to download!! The author has also provided a link to his paper, slides, and movies from Europe
LINUX and IRIX Development Environments, Jim Sherburne (SGI)

Slide Presentation, Ross Towle (SGI)



A Comparison of MPI and OpenMP Implementations of a Finite Element Analysis Code, Michael Pettipher, Michael Bane, and Ian Smith (MCC) and Rainer Keller (RUS)

Slide Presentation, Terry Hewitt (MCC)
Parallel Processing of a Groundwater Contaminant Code, Ron Arnett and Eric Greenwade (INEEL) SGI's Operating System Plans for HPC, Gabriel Broner (SGI)


Early Experiences with the 512 Processor Single System Image Origin2000, Bob Ciotti, Jim Taft, and Jens Petersohn (NAS)

Slide Presentation
HPC LINUX, Lynne Johnson (SGI)
Interactive Sessions
14 A
14 B
14 C
Origin2000, Dave Morton (SGI)
Visualization, Michael Brown (SGI)
(Available for BoF)
SN Mips System and Performance Information and Discussion, Dave Alexander (SGI)
Visualization Theatre: Bring Your Videos!!, John Clyne (NCAR)
(Available for BoF)


Technical Sessions
15 A
15 B
15 C

Mass Storage Systems



Chair, Kevin Wohlever (OSC) Chair, Cheryl Wampler (LANL) Chair, Virginia Bedford (ARSC)
Anatomy of a SAN, LaNet Merrill (SGI) Performance of the R12000-shrink Microprocessor, Thomas R. Elken (SGI) IRIX Resource Management Plans and Status, Dan Higgins (SGI)


SGI's DMF with Failsafe, Alan Powers (NAS) SN MIPS Partitions, Gustavo Galimberti (SGI)




Data Migration Facility, Tape Management Facility and Tape Device Driver Update, Neil Bannister and Laraine Mackenzie (SGI) SGI IA-32 and IA-64 Cluster Systems, Performance and Applications, Sergio E. Zarantonello (SGI) Integration of Maui Scheduler with LSF at NCSA, Mike Pflugmacher (UIUCNCSA)
SGI Plans for IA-64-based Supercomputers, Steve Reinhardt (SGI)
16 General Session, Chair, Eric Greenwade (INEEL)
Introduction, Kees Nieuwenhuis, LAC Co-Chair (SARA)
Radiation Hydrodynamics in Astrophysics, Vincent Icke (University of Leiden)
17 General Session, Chair, Chuck Keagle (BCS)
SGI Software Report
SGI Service Report
Interactive Sessions
18 A
18 B
18 C
18 D
Customer Service: Operations Q&A Panel, TBA (SGI) An Interactive Environment for the Rapid Parallelization of Fortran Mesh-based Codes, Constantinos S. Lerotheou, S.P. Johnson, P.F. Leggett, E.W. Evans, and M. Cross (U. Greenwich)
DMF BoF, Neil Bannister and Paul Ernst (SGI)
(Available for BoF)
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