CUG 2005 Proceedings

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6 General Session (Cancun) Chair: Neil Pundit (SNLA)
Keynote Speaker Introduction, David Gigrich (BCS), Program Chair
Keynote Address: The Role of CFD at Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Doug Ball, Chief Engineer of Enabling Technology and Research, Boeing Commercial Airplanes
Cray Corporate Update, Jim Rottsolk, Chairman and CEO, Cray Inc.
Market and HPC Services Update, Pete Ungaro, President, Cray Inc.
Cray Product Roadmap, Gary Geisler, Cray Inc.
7 Technical Sessions
7A Architectures
Chair: Liam Forbes (ARSC)
(Santa Fe and Las Cruces)
Chair: James B. White, III (ORNL)
7C Scheduling
Chair: Virginia Bedford (ARSC)
Leadership Computing at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, R.S. Studham, J.A. Kuehn, J.B. White, M.R. Fahey, S. Carter, and J.A. Nichols (ORNL) Slides for this presentation. Fortran 2003 and Beyond, Bill Long, Cray Inc. Slides for this presentation. Batch Scheduling on the Cray XT3, Chad Vizino (PITTSC) Slides for this presentation.
Eldorado, Simon Kahan, John Feo, David Harper, and Petr Konecny, Cray Inc. Slides for this presentation. Programming for High Performance Computing in Modern Fortran, Bill Long and Ted Stern, Cray Inc. Slides for this presentation. Red Storm Capability Computing Queuing Policy, James Ang, Robert A. Ballance, Lee Ann Fisk, Jeanette R. Johnston, and Kevin T. Pedretti (SNLA) Slides for this presentation.
8 Technical Sessions
Chair: Liam Forbes (ARSC)
8B X1 Compiler Performance
(Santa Fe and Las Cruces)
Chair: Eric Greenwade (INL)
8C XT3 Experience
Chair: James Kasdorf (PITTSC)
Early Evaluation of the Cray XD1, Mark Fahey, Thomas H. Dunigan, Jr., Nina Hathaway, R. Scott Studham, Jeffrey S. Vetter, and Patrick H. Worley (ORNL) Slides for this presentation. X1 Tuning for Performance Using Compilation Options, Terry Greyzck, Cray Inc. Slides for this presentation. Performance Characteristics of Multi-Block Structured ALEGRA on Red Storm, David M. Hensinger and Robert J. Mackinnon (SNLA) Slides for this presentation.
Characterizing Compiler Performance for the AMD Opteron Processor on a Parallel Platform, Douglas Doerfler and Courtenay Vaughan (SNLA) Slides for this presentation. Simple Loop Performance on the Cray X1, Lee Higbie, Tom Baring, and Ed Kornkven (ARSC) Early Applications Experience on the Cray XT3, Nick Nystrom, Roberto Gomez, David O'Neal, Richard Raymond, R. Reddy, John Urbanic, and Yang Wang (PITTSC) Slides for this presentation.
Real-Time High-Resolution Weather Modeling in “Rugged” Regions, Don Morton (ARSC), Eugene M. Petrescu, National Weather Service, and Bryce L. Nordgren, United States Forest Service Slides for this presentation. MPI and SHMEM Performance on the Cray X1—A Case Study using APEX-Map, Hongzhang Shan and Erich Strohmaier, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Slides for this presentation.
Early Evaluation of the Cray XT3 at ORNL, Jeffrey Vetter, Sadaf Alam, Richard Barrett, Thomas H. Dunigan, Jr., Mark R. Fahey, Jeff Kuehn, James B. White III, and Patrick H. Worley (ORNL) Slides for this presentation.
9 Birds of a Feather and XT3-Interactive Sessions
9A BoF's
9B and C
XT3-Interactive Sessions
(Santa Fe and Las Cruces)
Chair: James Kasdorf (PITTSC)
Open for BoF
Everyone interested in open discussions on the Cray XT3 meet here. Once objectives are established, we will split into two groups (see below). Cray Inc. liaisons will be on hand.
9B (Santa Fe and Las Cruces)
9C (Taos)
Users (Applications, Programming Environments, and User Services), Focus Chair: Thomas Oppe (CSC-VBURG)
Systems (Operating Systems, Operations, and Systems & Integration), Focus Chair: Keith Underwood (SNLA)
10 Birds of a Feather Sessions
10A (Cancun)
10B (Santa Fe and Las Cruces)
10C (Taos)
Programming Environments BoF, James B. White III (ORNL), Focus Chair
Open for BoF
Open for BoF