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1 Tutorials and SIG
  1B Tutorial 1C Tutorial and SIG
8:00 Application Performance Tuning on Cray XT Systems, Luiz DeRose, John Levesque, and Adrian Tate, Cray Inc.
DeRose and Levesque Slides and Levesque Slides
ALPS: Ascent, Michael Karo, Cray Inc.
10:00 Break
10:10 Application Performance Tuning on Cray XT Systems (continued) Legacy Systems SIG–Interactive Session, Chair: Jim Kasdorf (PITTSC)
10:55 Break (no refreshments)
2 Opening General Session
11:00 Welcome and Introduction, David Gigrich, CUG President, (BOEING) and Ville Savolainen, Local Arrangements Chair, CSC–Scientific Computing Ltd. (CSC)
11:15 Keynote Address: Computers Crunching Lipids–From Cell Membranes to Lipoproteins, Professor Ilpo Vattulainen, Leader of the Biological Physics & Soft Matter Group, Tampere University of Technology
12:00–1:15 Lunch
3 Technical Sessions
  3A Quad and More
3B Mass Storage 3C Libraries–MPI
1:15 Cray XT4 Quadcore: A First Look, Richard Barrett, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
Overview of the Activities of the MPI Forum, Richard Graham, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
1:45 Reaching a Computational Summit: The 1 PFLOP Cray XT at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, James
Rogers (ORNL)
Development of a Centre-wide Parallel File System at CSCS, Hussein Harake and Dominik Ulmer, CSCS—Swiss National Supercomputing Centre Withdrawn
Recent Improvements to Open MPI for the Cray XT, Ron Brightwell, Sandia National Laboratories (SNLA)
2:15 Performance Analysis and Optimization of the Trilinos Epetra Package on the Quad-Core AMD Opteron Processor, Brent Leback, The Portland Group
Reducing Human Intervention in the Maintenance of Mass Storage Systems, David Fellinger, Data Direct Networks, Inc
Managing MPI Event Queue & Message Buffer Space, Geir Johansen, Cray Inc.
2:45 Break
4 Technical Sessions
  4A FFT Performance 4B Choice Topics 4C FPGA's
3:15 FFT Libraries on Cray XT: Current Performance and Future Plans for Adaptive FFT Libraries, Jonathan Bentz, Cray Inc.
Best Practices for Security Management in
, Urpo Kaila, CSC–Scientific Computing Ltd. (CSC)
Speeding Genomic Searches Over 1000X Over a Single Opteron Using Multiple FPGAs on a Cray XD1, Olaf Storaasli, (ORNL)
3:45 Parallel 3D-FFTs for Multi-processing Core Nodes on a Meshed Communication Network, Joachim Hein, HPCX Consortium (HPCX)
CRAY XT in Second Life, Jason Tan, Western Australia Supercomputer Program (WASP)
The Harwest Compiling Environment: Accessing the FPGA World Through ANSI-C Programs, Paolo Palazzari, ENEA and Ylichron Srl
4:15 Optimizing FFT for HPCC, Courtenay Vaughan, Sandia National Laboratories (SNLA)
Debugging at Scale with Allinea DDT on the Cray XT4/5, David Lecomber, Allinea Software
4:45 Break
5 Interactive Session and BoFs
  5A Interactive Session 5B BoF 5C BoF
Applications and Programming Environments SIG, Chair: Robert Ballance (SNLA), Deputy Chair: Rolf Rabenseifner, (HLRS)
DVS, Dave Wallace and Jim Rogers, Cray Inc. PRACE, Timothy Stitt, CSCS-Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS)

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