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Links to papers and slides are in green below. To read the abstract of a presentation, go to the abstracts page and search for the presenter's name or the presentation title.

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11 General Session
8:30 Introduction, Ville Savolainen, Local Arrangements Chair, CSC–Scientific Computing Ltd. (CSC)
Keynote adddress: Dark Energy–A Mystery?, Kari Enqvist, Professor of Cosmology, University of Helsinki; Theory Programme Director, Helsinki Institute of Physics
9:15 CUG Business, AC Introductions, Election Presentations, Voting, Chair: David Gigrich, CUG President, and Jim Glidewell, Election Chair, The Boeing Company (BOEING)
9:45 Break
12 Technical Sessions
  12A Performance 12B ORNL Session 12C CNL vs Catamount
10:15 Cray XT5h (X2 blade) Performance Results, Jef Dawson, Cray Inc. Design, Implementation, and Experiences of Third-Party Software Administration Policies at the ORNL NCCS, Mark Fahey, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
Application Performance under Different XT Operating Systems, Courtenay Vaughan, Sandia National Laboratories (SNLA)
10:45 Application Monitoring, Ron Brightwell, Sandia National Laboratories (SNLA)
Leadership Computing at the National Center for Computational Science: An Enabling Partner for Breakthrough Science, James Rogers, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
HECToR, the CoE and Large-Scale Application Performance on CLE, Kevin Roy, Cray Inc.
11:15 Acceleration of Time Integration, James B. White III, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
The Lustre Centre of Excellence at ORNL, Makia Minich, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
A Micro-Benchmark Evaluation of Catamount and Cray Linux Environment (CLE) Performance, Jeff Larkin, Cray Inc.
11:45 Domain Decomposition Performance on ELMFIRE Plasma Simulation Code, Francisco Ogando, CSC—Scientific Computing Ltd. (CSC)
12:00 Spider and SION: Supporting the I/O Demands of a Peta-scale Environment, Galen Shipman, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)  
12:15–1:15 Lunch
13 General Session
1:15 Introduction, Ville Savolainen, Local Arrangements Chair, CSC–Scientific Computing Ltd. (CSC)
Petaflop Computing in the European HPC Ecosystem, Kimmo Koski, Managing Director, CSC–Scientific Computing Ltd. (CSC)
1:45 Introduction, David Gigrich, President, The Boeing Company (BOEING) and John Noe, Program Chair, Sandia National Laboratories (SNLA)
1 on 100 (or more), Peter Ungaro, CEO & President, Cray Inc. (no other Cray personnel and no Cray Vendor Partners please)
2:45 Break
14 Technical Sessions
  14A Performance 14B Applications 14C Consulting
3:15 Application Performance on the UK's New HECToR Service, Fiona Reid, HPCX Consortium (HPCX)
Exploring the Performance Potential of Chapel in Scientific Computations, Richard Barrett, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
Customer Access to Cray Problem Information, Dan Shaw, Cray Inc.
3:45 Investigating the Performance of Parallel Eigensolvers on High-end Systems, Andrew Sunderland, HPCX Consortium (HPCX)
Massively Parallel Electronic Structure Calculations with Python Software, Jussi Enkovaara, CSC–Scientific Computing Ltd. (CSC)
Franklin: User Experiences, Yun (Helen) He, National Energy Research Supercomputer Computer Center (NERSC)
4:15 Efficient Scaling Up of Parallel Graph Algorithms for Genome-Scale Biological Problems on Cray XT Systems, Kevin Thomas, Cray Inc.
A Compiler Performance Study on the Cray XT Architecture Exploiting Catamount and Compute Node Linux (CNL) Compute Nodes, Timothy Stitt, CSCS—Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS) Preparing for Petascale, Robert Whitten Jr, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
4:45 Break
15 Interactive Sessions and BoFs  
Systems Support SIG, Chair: Nick Cardo (NERSC)
Cray Intel Announcement Open for BoF
5:45 Break
CUG Night Out

CUG Night Out Boat Tour of the Harbor and dinner at the Kulosaaren Casino. Boarding the boat starts at 6:00 and it leaves at 6:30. The Harbor is walking distance (600 m) from the hotel. Arrival at Casino at 7:30. Buses will return to Grand Marina beginning at 10:00, with the last bus at midnight.

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