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6 General Session (Room B1) Chair: David Gigrich (BOEING), Program Chair
Keynote Speaker Introduction, Ladina Gilly (CSCS), Local Arrangements Coordinator
Keynote Address, Marie-Christine Sawley (CSCS), Swiss National Supercomputing Centre, CEO
Cray Corporate Update, Pete Ungaro, CEO and President, Cray Inc.
Adaptive Supercomputing Vision, Jan Silverman, Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Business Development, Cray Inc.
Cray Product Roadmap, Steve Scott, Chief Technology Officer, Cray Inc.
Cray General Software Direction, Paul Krueger, Vice President Software, Cray Inc.
7 Technical Sessions
7A Physics
(Room B1)
Chair: James B. White III (ORNL)
7B Mass Storage & Grid Computing
(Room B2)
Chair: Liam Forbes (ARSC)
7C System Operations
(Room B3)
Chair: Jim Kasdorf (PITTSCC)
Quantum Mechanical Simulation of Nanocomposite Magnets on Cray XT3, Yang Wang (PITTSCC); G.M. Stocks, D.M.C. Nicholson, A. Rusanu, and M. Eisenbach (ORNL) Slides for this Presentation Storage Architectures for Cray-based Supercomputing Environments, Matthew O'Keefe, Cray Inc. Slides for this Presentation XT3 Operational Enhancements, Chad Vizino, Nathan Stone, and J. Ray Scott (PITTSCC) Slides for this Presentation
Exploring Novel Quantum Phases on Cray X1E, Evgeni Burovski, Nikolay Prokofev, and Boris Svistunov, University of Massachusetts; Matthias Troyer, ETH Zürich Current Progress of the GRID Project at KMA, Hee-Sik Kim, Tae-Hun Kim, Cray Korea; Ha-Young Oh and Dongil Lee (KMA) Slides for this Presentation A Preliminary Report on Red Storm RAS Performance, Robert A. Ballance and Jon Stearley (SNLA) Slides for this Presentation
Canceled Astrophysical Particle Simulations and Reconfigurable Computing on the Cray XD1, Rainer Spurzem and Andreas Ernst, Astronomisches Rechen-Institut; Tsuyoshi Hamada and Naohito Nakasato, RIKEN Institute PDIO: Interface, Functionality and Performance Enhancements, Nathan Stone, D. Balog, B. Gill, B. Johanson, J. Marsteller, P. Nowoczynski, R. Reddy, J.R. Scott, J. Sommerfield, K. Vargo, and C. Vizino (PITTSCC) Slides for this Presentation Extending the Connectivity of XT3 System Nodes, Davide Tacchella (CSCS) Slides for this Presentation
Lunch Atrio/Foyer, Ground Floor
8 Technical Sessions
8A Performance/Evaluations
(Room B1)
Chair: Rolf Rabenseifner (HLRS)
8B BlackWidow Overview
(Room B2)
Chair: Jim Glidewell (BOEING)
(Room B3)
Chair: Peter Cebull (INL)
Performance Evaluations of User Applications on NCCS's Cray XT3 and X1E, Arnold Tharrington (ORNL) Slides for this Presentation BlackWidow Hardware System Overview, Brick Stephenson, Cray Inc. Slides for this Presentation FPGA-accelerated Finite-Difference Time-Domain Simulation on the Cray XD1 Using Impulse C, Peter Messmer, David Smithe, and Paul Schoessow, Tech-X Corporation; Ralph Bodenner, Impulse Accelerated Technologies Slides for this Presentation
Evaluation of the Cray XT3 at ORNL: A Status Report, Richard Barrett, Jeffrey Vetter, Sadaf Alam, Richard Barrett, Tom Dunigan, Mark Fahey, Bronson Messer, Richard Mills, Philip Roth, and Patrick Worley (ORNL) Slides for this Presentation BlackWidow Software Overview, Don Mason, Cray Inc. Slides for this Presentation Performance of Cray Systems—Kernels, Applications & Experiences, Mike Ashworth, Miles Deegan, Martyn Guest, Christine Kitchen, Igor Kozin, and Richard Wain (DARESBURYLAB) Slides for this Presentation
Optimizing Job Placement on the Cray XT3, Deborah Weisser, Nick Nystrom, Shawn Brown, Jeff Gardner, Dave O'Neal, John Urbanic, Junwoo Lim, R. Reddy, Rich Raymond, Yang Wang, and Joel Welling (PITTSCC) Slides for this Presentation Use of Common Technologies Between XT3 and BlackWidow, Jim Harrell and Jonathan Sparks, Cray Inc. Slides for this Presentation Canceled Using an FPGA Designer System to Program FPGAs in the XD1, Karen Haines, Adam Deller, Steven Tingay, Aidan Hotan, and John Dickey (WASP)
9 Technical Sessions
9A Architecture–Catamount
(Room B1)

Chair: James B. White III (ORNL)
9B Tuning with Tools
(Room B2)

Chair: Mark Fahey (ORNL)
9C Simulation & Research Opportunities
(Room B3)

Chair: John Noe (SNLA)
Overview of the XT3 Systems Experience at CSCS, Richard Alexander (CSCS) Slides for this Presentation Performance Tuning and Optimization with CrayPat and Cray Apprentice2, Luiz DeRose, Bill Homer, Dean Johnson, and Steve Kaufmann, Cray Inc. Red Storm Systems Management: Topics on Extending Current Capabilities, Jim Laros and Robert A. Ballance (SNLA); Dave Wallace, Cray Inc. Slides for this Presentation
Catamount Software Architecture with Dual Core Extensions, Ron Brightwell, Suzanne M. Kelly, and John P. VanDyke (SNLA) Slides for this Presentation Performance and Memory Evaluation Using TAU, Sameer Shende, Allen D. Malony and Alan Morris, University of Oregon; Pete Beckman, Argonne National Laboratory Slides for this Presentation Supercomputer System Design Through Simulation, Rolf Riesen (SNLA) Slides for this Presentation
10 XT3-Interactive Session(s), Chair: Robert A. Ballance (SNLA)  
10A (Room B1)
10B BoF (Room B2)
10C BoF (Room B3)
Systems, Robert A. Ballance and Keith Underwood (SNLA), Focus Chairs
Users, Thomas Oppe (CSC-VBURG) and James Kasdorf (PITTSCC), Focus Chairs
Open for BoF
OpenFPGA BoF—The Role of Reconfigurable Technology in HPC, Eric Stahlberg (OSC) Meetng notes
Cray Reception at Ristorante Parco Ciani (on site at the Palazzo dei congressi)
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