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11 Technical Sessions
11A Performance
(Room B1)

Chair: Mark Fahey (ORNL)
(Room B2)

Chair: Rolf Rabenseifner (HLRS)
11C Performance–XD1/FPGAs
(Room B3)

Chair: Kevin Wohlever (OSC)
CAM Performance on the XT3 and X1E, Patrick Worley (ORNL) Slides for this Presentation Using Unified Parallel C to Enable New Types of CFD Applications on the Cray X1E, Andrew Johnson (NCS-MINN) Slides for this Presentation Early Experiences with the Naval Research Laboratory XD1, Wendell Anderson, Marco Lanzagorta, Robert Rosenberg, and Jeanie Osburn (NRL) Slides for this Presentation
HPCC Update and Analysis, Jeff Kuehn (ORNL); Nathan Wichmann, Cray Inc. Slides for this Presentation Evaluation of UPC on the Cray X1E, Richard Barrett (ORNL); Tarek El-Ghazawi and Yiyi Yao, George Washington University; Jeffey Vetter (ORNL)
Slides in for this Presentation
Molecular Dynamics Acceleration with Reconfigurable Hardware on Cray XD1: A System Level Approach, Brice Tsakam-Sotch, XLBiosim Slides for this Presentation
Comparing Optimizations of GTC for the Cray X1E and XT3, James B. White III (ORNL); Nathan Wichmann, Cray Inc.; Stephane Ethier, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory Slides for this Presentation
Performance of WRF Using UPC, Hee-Sik Kim and Jong-Gwan Do, Cray Korea Inc. Slides in for this Presentation
High Level Synthesis of Scientific Algorithms for the Cray XD1 System, Paolo Palazzari, Giorgio Brusco and Paolo Verrecchia, Ylichron Srl; Alessandro Marongiu and Vittorio Rosato, Ylichron Srl and ENEA; Paolo Migliori, ENEA; Philip LoCascio (ORNL) Slides for this Presentation
Performance Comparison of Cray X1E, XT3, and NEC SX8, Hongzhang Shan and Erich Strohmaier, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Slides for this Presentation Parallel Position-Specific Iterated Smith-Waterman Algorithm Implementation, Maciej Cytowski, Witold Rudnicki, Rafal Maszkowski, Lukasz Bolikowski, Maciej Dobrzynski, and Maria Fronczak (WARSAWU) Compiling Software Code to FPGA-based Application Accelerator Processors in the XD1, Doug Johnson, Chris Sullivan, and Stephen Chappell, Celoxica Slides for this Presentation
12 Technical Sessions
12A User Services
(Room B1)
Chair: Jim Glidewell (BOEING)
12B Optimizing Performance
(Compilers & Tools)

(Room B2)
Chair: Mark Fahey (ORNL)
12C Performance—MTA
(Room B3)
Chair: James B. White III (ORNL)
Case Study: Providing Customer Support in the High Performance Computing Environment, Barbara Jennings (SNLA) Slides for this Presentation Optimizing Application Performance on Cray Systems with PGI Compilers and Tools, Douglas Miles, Brent Leback, and David Norton, The Portland Group Slides for this Presentation Characterizing Applications on the MTA2 Multithreading Architecture, Richard Barrett, Jeffrey Vetter, Sadaf Alam, Collin McCurdy, and Philip Roth (ORNL) Slides for this Presentation
Beyond Books: New Directions for Cray Customer Documentation, Nola Van Vugt and Lynda Feng, Cray Inc. Slides for this Presentation
13 General Session (Room B1) Chair: Barbara Horner-Miller (ARSC)
CUG Business/Elections, Barbara Horner-Miller (ARSC), CUG President, Chair
CUG and the Cray CEO: AKA, "100 on 1," Pete Ungaro, CEO and President, Cray Inc.
Election Results, Kevin Wohlever (OSC), CUG Treasurer
Lunch Atrio/Foyer, Ground Floor
14 Technical Sessions
14A XT3 Performance Analysis
(Room B1)
Chair: Jim Kasdorf (PITTSCC)
14B Co-Array Fortran
(Room B2)
Chair: Mark Fahey (ORNL)
14C System Support/Management
(Room B3)
Chair: Liam Forbes (ARSC)
Enabling Computational Science on BigBen, Nick Nystrom, Shawn Brown, Jeff Gardner, Roberto Gomez, Junwoo Lim, David O'Neal, R. Reddy, John Urbanic, Yang Wang, Deborah Weisser, and Joel Welling (PITTSCC) Slides for this Presentation Scaling to New Heights with Co-Array Fortran, Jef Dawson (NCS-MINN) Slides for this Presentation Job-based Accounting for UNICOS/mp, Jim Glidewell (BOEING) Slides for this Presentation
Co-Array Fortran Experiences with Finite Differencing Schemes, Richard Barrett (ORNL) Slides for this Presentation Resource Allocation and Tracking System (RATS) Deployment on the Cray X1E, XT3, and XD1 Platforms, Robert Whitten, Jr. and Tom Barron (ORNL); David L. Hulse, Computer Associates International, Inc.; Phillip E. Pfeiffer, East Tennessee State University; Stephen L. Scott (ORNL) Slides for this Presentation
15 Technical Sessions
15A Performance via Eldorado & MTA
(Room B1)
Chair: Barbara Horner-Miller (ARSC)
15B Libraries
(Room B2)
Chair: Mike Pettipher (MCC)
15C Operations
(Room B3)
Chair: Liam Forbes (ARSC)
Eldorado Programming Environment, John Feo, Cray Inc. Slides for this Presentation Cray and AMD Scientific Libraries, Chip Freitag, AMD; Mary Beth Hribar, Bracy Elton, and Adrian Tate, Cray Inc. Slides for this Presentation Providing a Shared Computing Resource for Advancing Science and Engineering Using the XD1 at Rice University, Jan E. Odegard, Kim B. Andrews, Franco Bladilo, Kiran Thyagaraja, Roger Moye, and Randy Crawford (RICEU) Slides for this Presentation
A Micro-kernel Benchmark Suite for Multithreaded Architectures, Fabrizio Petrini and Allan Snavely (SDSC); John Feo, Cray Inc. Safeguarding the XT3, Katherine Vargo (PITTSCC) Slides for this Presentation
16 XD1 Interactive Session(s), Chair: Liam Forbes (ARSC)  
16A (Room B1)
16B (Room B2)
16C BoF (Room B3)
Systems, Liam Forbes (ARSC), Focus Chair
Peter Cebull (INL), Focus Chair
Reserved for Interactive Session
Batch Schedulers, Richard Alexander (CSCS)
CUG Night Out at one of the Bellinzona World Heritage Medieval Castles
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