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Monday, May 3rd


Acceptance and Testing
Stephen Leak
Acceptance Testing the Chicoma HPE-Cray EX Supercomputer
A Step Towards the Final Frontier: Lessons Learned from Acceptance Testing of the First HPE/Cray EX 3000 System at ORNL
Presentation, Paper


Storage and I/O 1
Tina Declerck
New data path solutions from HPE for HPC simulation, AI, and high performance workloads
Lustre and Spectrum Scale: Simplify parallel file system workflows with HPE Data Management Framework
Presentation, Paper


Storage and I/O 2
Veronica G. Vergara Larrea
h5bench: HDF5 I/O Kernel Suite for Exercising HPC I/O Patterns
Architecture and Performance of Perlmutter's 35 PB ClusterStor E1000 All-Flash File System
Presentation, Paper

Tuesday, May 4th


System Analytics and Monitoring
Jim Brandt
Integrating System State and Application Performance Monitoring: Network Contention Impact
trellis — An Analytics Framework for Understanding Slingshot Performance
AIOps: Leveraging AI/ML for Anomaly Detection in System Management
Real-time Slingshot Monitoring in HPCM
Analytic Models to Improve Quality of Service of HPC Jobs
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Systems Support
Hai Ah Nam
Blue Waters System and Component Reliability
Configuring and Managing Multiple Shasta Systems: Best Practices Developed During the Perlmutter Deployment
Slurm on Shasta at NERSC: adapting to a new way of life
Declarative automation of compute node lifecycle through Shasta API integration
Cray EX Shasta v1.4 System Management Overview
Managing User Access with UAN and UAI
User and Administrative Access Options for CSM-Based Shasta Systems
HPE Ezmeral Container Platform: Current And Future
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Wednesday, May 5th


Applications and Performance (ARM)
Simon McIntosh-Smith
An Evaluation of the A64FX Architecture for HPC Applications
Vectorising and distributing NTTs to count Goldbach partitions on Arm-based supercomputers
Optimizing a 3D multi-physics continuum mechanics code for the HPE Apollo 80 System
Presentation, Paper


Applications and Performance
Zhengji Zhao
Optimizing the Cray Graph Engine for Performant Analytics on Cluster, SuperDome Flex, Shasta Systems and Cloud Deployment
Real-Time XFEL Data Analysis at SLAC and NERSC: a Trial Run of Nascent Exascale Experimental Data Analysis
Early Experiences Evaluating the HPE/Cray Ecosystem for AMD GPUs
Convergence of AI and HPC at HLRS. Our Roadmap.
Porting Codes to LUMI
Presentation, Paper

Thursday, May 6th


BoF 1
Bilel Hadri
Update of Cray Programming Environment
Programming Environments, Applications, and Documentation (PEAD) Special Interest Group meeting
HPC System Test: Building a cross-center collaboration for system testing
Birds of a Feather, Paper

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